Defining poor taste

One of our former city representatives was involved in a dust up with our mayor the other day.

The former city representative was at one time being investigated for threatening a city employee.  The case seems to have disappeared and we never heard what conclusions law enforcement officials came to.

Many feel that she was “given a pass” by our district attorney.  Over and out discussed the situation in more detail.

This time we are being told that she and her husband accosted our mayor in the presence of his wife.

The former city representative and her husband are entitled to their opinions.  However, accosting the mayor at dinner in a public restaurant in front of the mayor’s wife shows us their lack of class.

There are many better ways to express their thoughts.

We deserve better


13 Responses to Defining poor taste

  1. Sharon Robinet says:

    Very nicely said!! “Lack of class” says it all!!


  2. chico says:

    The recently deceased George Michael said it best … “Guilty feet have got no rhythm.”


  3. Reality Checker says:

    If you want to understand the mindset of the former city rep and her husband, go to the link below. Her husband says to a TV reporter:

    “These little people, they run for these offices, and they think they are very, very important.”


  4. tBusch says:

    I for one don’t believe former representative Lilly and her husband “Rutt” are suffering from dementia.


  5. desertratjim says:

    Interesting that the former city rep and husband appear to have a short fuse. About 10 years ago their son had a loud, aggressive encounter with one of our female doctors as he made unreasonable demands of her and expected our services at no cost. He created quite an unpleasant scene and was asked to never return to our establishment.

    I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I suspect there is something more behind why Mr. Lilly would be so upset. I wonder how his ox is being gored by the arena issue.


  7. Santa says:

    While resting up after a busy holiday schedule, I was reading this blog. Young Brutus’ Christmas wish was that “we together can find ways to make our political discourse more civil and less personal.” Maybe he should make his wish known to the former city rep and her husband and to all of the local officials. I can’t help him with that wish.


  8. get a dx says:

    Mr Lilly shoved Mrs Lesser.
    No one has the right to lay hands on another person.

    Mr Lilly needs to be held fully accountable. If it’s impaired judgement due to age related changes then he needs to be removed from his home for posing a danger to self and others


  9. Y Que! says:

    Elitist vs. Elitist. This is the “let them eat cake” at its finest. It is alarming how many civic and social organizations and or foundations hitch their horses to these “pillars of our society” to advance their agendas.


  10. Annonymous says:

    Can’t we all just get along? –Rodney King


  11. Garcia says:

    The mayor and the Lillys showed no class. Not too surprised about the Lillys but the mayor represents our city. He should be able to show restraint. Ridiculous, all of them. .


  12. Sharon Robinet says:

    In regards to any below statements, the Mayor and his wife did absolutely nothing, but show restraint!! They sat down to eat and was publicly verbally abused as well as a grown man pushing a woman. The police was called in order to insure that his wife was not further harmed.

    The Lilly’s should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves!!


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