Thoughts from Mr. Dungan

This came in from Mr. John Dungan:

Many, many years ago, about a year after I graduated from high school, a very wise man wrote these words:

We are doing something wrong.  We haven’t found out what  it is yet.  But somehow we have turned all these big glossy universities into places which the thinking young ones, the mavericks, the ones we need to most, cannot endure.  So all the campuses are in the hands of the unaware, the incurably, unconsciously second class kids with second class minds and that ineffably second class goal of reasonable competence, reasonable security, reasonable happiness.
Perhaps this is the proper end product to people–a second class world.  All mavericks ever do, anyway, is make the sane, normal, industrious people feel unfomfortable.  They ask the wrong questions.  Such as–“What is the meaning of all this?”  So weed them out.  They are cultural mistakes.  Leave the world to the heroes and the semi-heroes, and their rumpy little soft-eyed girls, racing like lemmings tgoward the warm sea of the Totally Adjusted Community.
(From “A Deadly Shade Of Gold” (Travis McGee #5), by John D. MacDonald, 1965).
I doubt that very many people today have a clue about who Travis McGee was, or, for that matter, who his creator, John D. MacDonald, was.  Short version:  Travis McGee was the hero of a series of books in the mystery-thriller genre, and a sort of mid-century Robin Hood, trying to right wrongs, while paying his expenses, and a bit more, along the way.  He was widely admired, often copied, but never, ever duplicated.
This particular quote appears part way into a thriller wherein Mr. McGee was seeking information about some rare golden objects, and his musings were about the then state of higher learning in the United States.  He was visiting a university campus in Florida, about to meet and pick the mind of a highly educated expert (not coincidentally a professor) on rare artificats.
I think what is so significant here is that Mr. MacDonald had these thoughts more than fifty years ago, and today we have seen the end results of what he saw way back then.  We just went through one of the saddest presidential elections in the history of this once great nation, and the products of that world described by him had a lot to do with the outcome of this election.
Our nation today is dominated by the undereducated, unread, functional illiterates, who are too lazy to even form an opinion on their own, and/or ill equipped to perform any basic research to check facts.  They are ignorant of history, which easily explains why we see the same mistakes being repeated over and over.  They are passionate about what they’ve been told to believe, without really knowing why they are passionate.  They, like the censors of days gone by, may not be able to articulate what it is, but they damn well know it when they see it!

7 Responses to Thoughts from Mr. Dungan

  1. JerryK says:

    Universities have become the domain of the ninnycrats of political correctness and affirmative action flunkies. Independent thinking is subjected to bias response teams and kangaroo courts that can cost a non-compliant professor his (non-pc pronoun) job. There is a whole generation now whose feelings must be protected at all costs, so we build safe spaces for easily-triggered snowflakes whose main talent is shouting down opposing opinions.

    College was a better experience and a better value for your tuition dollar back in the day when you got in by your SAT score and not by some diversity quotient. Elitist? You bet – the elite of the intellect, what higher ed was and must become again instead of being a training ground for a job as a cubicle serf in a global corporate feudal state.


  2. The Wizard says:

    As my kid is off to college in the fall 2017, we have been looking at Honors programs at various universities. Texas Tech offers an Honors program and a special course with this description (from the Tech website): “Topics in these six LCG sessions will include Mental Health and Academic Success Strategies, Sexual Assault and Rape Culture, Gender and Sexuality, Race and Ethnicity, Microagressions, and Addiction.”.


  3. Judy Maddox says:

    My grand daughter is an upper level sophomore in a private university with kids from all over. There are three girls in in her so space is limited her room decorations are hung on the wall and over her bed she hung her state flag. She had a group of girls approach her and ask why she hung the confederate flag. Her response was you are a high school graduate and do not know a Texas Flag from a confederate flag? Go check out the lust of State flags on your I pad. How sweet it is.

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  4. Annonymous says:

    Great fun to watch you all blame everyone but yourselves! Happy New Year Trumpsters!


    • I have no idea why “Anonymous” bothered to call people he does not know “trumpsters,” but the fact that he chooses to hide behind a pretty common pseudonym tells us he is a coward, who lacks the courage of his convictions. Oh, and, btw, he misses the point.


  5. chico says:

    “Liberals love diversity until you ask to put a conservative in the Sociology Department.” Thomas Sowell


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