Dr. Noe helps us

Our thanks go to city representative Dr. Noe for item 24.4 which he placed on the Tuesday, January 10, 2017 city council agenda.

Discussion and action to direct the City Manager to provide realistic and accurate cost estimates for the following items regarding the Convention Center/MPC site:


  1. To provide an accurate cost estimate of the potential loss of revenue from the Convention Center, the loss of revenue from tax rebates, the cost of not honoring the 380 agreements in place and the loss of the HOT tax revenue and how that will impact paying the baseball stadium debt.
  2. To provide an estimate for the cost liabilities associated with canceling the events that are already booked at the Convention Center.
  3. Provide an estimate for liabilities associated with the 380 agreements in place and any other direct or indirect costs involved.
  4. Estimates of any other direct or indirect costs involved with moving the MPC site to the Convention Center site.
  5. Provide the total amount that has already been spent on this project.


This is better


10 Responses to Dr. Noe helps us

  1. The Oracle says:

    Ought-Oh !
    Logical questions to ask !
    How will the CC handle logical questions ?
    Will Noe vanish from the face of the earth
    (aided by powerful really really rich that control CC ?)

    Stay tuned boys and girls. . .
    Same Bat Station, same Bat time !


  2. The Oracle says:

    380 contracts that are booked or in the process of.
    Yeah . . . these groups and organizations can’t tell their members. . . yeah . . well, I know you have rooms booked for our convention, etc., . . . but . . . ..

    NO ONE will ever book El Paso again for this kind of space.
    El Paso will be on the No Fly List for decades.
    Just. . . .the CC. . .TALKING about just . . Blowing off contracts will absolutely freak out these promoters.
    Especially since El Paso does not have any Back-Up Facilities.
    (Many cities have multiple/ same size/ venues that can handle the same size event, but NOT EL Paso.
    The CC just killed El Paso.


  3. The Oracle says:

    Before booking ANY EVENT, promoters spend countless hours deciding WHERE to hold events.
    Dozens of meetings with the Top Brass in their organizations.
    Many fights.
    Many disagreements . . . and they finally settle on El Paso. . .
    And then . . . just Willy-Nilly TALKING about Blowing them off by talking about Blowing up the Civic Center and building something else !
    Good Lord !
    Its a like a child: . . . “I want a yellow horse, I want a yellow horse, I want a yellow horse. . . no wait . . . I want a elephant, I want an elephant. . . no wait . . I want a bicycle, I want a bicycle. . .”

    Promoters DO NOT like being held in suspense.
    I would say . . . that El Paso just violated their Contracts by TALKING about Blowing them Off.
    I will guarantee you, that some of these promoters will now change to another city. . . . as soon as possible.
    And this “Talking about Blowing them Off” is the reason to get out of a contract. “Unstable City Government cannot guarantee proper facilities for which they are contracted for.”


  4. The Oracle says:

    Here’s what we might hear. . . .
    As the meeting moves along tomorrow. . .
    “These 380 Contracts. . . . bla bla bla. . . . will bla bla bla.”
    :::: 10 minutes later:::::::
    “If these 379 Contracts do this or that . . bla bla bla”
    ::::: 15 minutes later :::::
    “I don’t know how these 374 Contracts will impact. . . . bla bla bla.”
    :::::: 30 minutes later ::::::
    “I tell you, 371 Contracts will hard to . . .bla bla bla . . . .”


  5. elrichiboy says:

    380’s are an incentive program. From the City’s website: “Chapter 380 of the Local Government Code provides legislative authority for Texas municipalities to provide grants or loans of city funds or services in order to promote economic development.”


  6. Maybe, just maybe Noe will accomplish something, anything. Doubtful that THESE people are going to tell US anything about what THEY are doing to US. THEY are supposed to REPRESENT US, but mostly THEY represent only themselves and what THEY can TAKE from US. This little Border Town is more than a BILLION$$$$ in debt and it keeps growing with all the stuff THEY want. WE can’t trust these people in the El Taxo Society of Corruption. And now the guy who was, is going to build a hotel with all the tax give aways by the Mayor, City Council, says that he probably will not get all of the state, local give away money and that the TAXPAYERS will have to pay for HIS hotel. Same as for the John Cook, Byrd, Wilson, Lilly, Noe, Niland, Ortega ball field THEY built for Mountain Star Sports and Foster and have, will FORCE taxpayers to pay for it. Everything THEY want just increases OUR “fabricated, inflated” property values, always followed by more tax increases. Political, Public Corruption is inherent in El Taxo.


  7. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Well now, I bet a horse apple this will all be discussed and settled in a private session, so’s ta not upset the peasants, then the results will be announced with great fanfare and BS by council.


    • Exactly right. If or when THEY want US “Stupid, Ignorant Peons” in El Taxo to know what THEY are doing to US, THEY will tell US or probably just SURPRISE US, with the cost of what THEY want and how much it will cost the TAXPAYERS to pay for what THEY want.


  8. Y Que! says:

    Building the arena in downtown is like trying to install a 427 engine in a VW bug. Don’t quite fit!


  9. mamboman3 says:

    He’s just trying to get data to back up his effort to build on Duranguito. If he can justify the cost will be too high with lost bookings, etc. he will continue pushing to eviscerate that community. His motion to put Duranguito back on the table is unconscionable. By the way, when was the last time we got any good figures on ballpark income vs debt?


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