Shipping more money out of town

The November 1, 2016 of our mass transit board (sun metro or city council in another form) has two unfortunate items on it.

Sun metro staff sought approval for two $13 million dollar contracts with different firms.  The contracts would be to provide engineering and management services relating to TXDOT and federal highway administration funding over a period of four years

It appears that the city will dole out work to the two firms depending upon current circumstances.  It is not clear whether they are talking about a total of $26 million or they plan to use both firms to spend the $13 million.

That level of transparency would require a desire to tell us the complete story.

No talent in town?

Isn’t it a shame that in a city of this size they think that we don’t have the talent to do this with local  firms?

We deserve better.





One Response to Shipping more money out of town

  1. I have lived here, off and on, since 1970, and this is the question that I have pondered throughout all of these years. Why is it that El Paso must always go out of town for consultants concerning OUR city, or contractors, or experts, or, for that matter, school district admin types? Why is it that we never see promotion from within in our local school districts?


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