Houses on sand

It seems that we have a very active group in this country that disagrees with parts of our constitution.

Instead of using the mechanisms the constitution offers to make amendments, some of them want to change the rules by supreme court fiat and public opinion.

At the end of the day what is written in the constitution is the only definitive set of rules that control our government.

If not then we don’t have a set of rules but instead will be governed by a committee.

Just as we are seeing that presidential executive orders can be reversed by a new president, any court ruling can be negated by a future court.  Anything short of formally modifying the constitution is founded on quicksand.

We deserve better


One Response to Houses on sand

  1. Reality Checker says:

    It’s groups, plural, including both houses of Congress and both political parties, for starters. Both parties have attempted to infuse their own ideologies into the law of the land by naming ideologues to both state and federal courts. If the parties and politicians were not intent on gaming the courts for their own agendas, there would not be such heated battles over which party gets to name the SCOTUS justices.


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