Bond projects continue to cost more

Thankfully our mayor vetoed city council’s resolution that set the date for public meetings necessary for the city to issue $40 million in certificates of obligation.

Voter approval is not required before they can issue the certificates.

What do they want the money for?

Take a look at this chart that was part of a presentation that council saw before they approved the resolution:

Much of what they want money for relates to the lack of adequate funding from the quality of life bonds.

From what we can see the San Jacinto restrooms, westside pool, aquatic centers, eastside pools, spray parks and the project true up are all projects that they are now telling us that require more money.

The voters were told by the former city manager, chief financial officer, and mayor that the almost half a billion dollars that eventually got approved would be sufficient to build the facilities.

The mayor wants the money requirements to be included as part of the annual budget process.

Thank you Mr. Lesser.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Bond projects continue to cost more

  1. Reality Checker says:

    Once again, city council and the city manager want to add downtown redevelopment and marketing costs to your tax bill. The $4 million for Sun City Lights is a downtown marketing expense. If you dig into the other public art costs and landscaping costs, I bet some of those are also related to downtown. The restrooms are definitely downtown and were a design and budget omission that council originally defended.


  2. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    The voters didn’t agree to cost overruns. The educational campaign made claims that this wouldn’t cost the voters anything because the improvements would be covered by the bond. Yes, we crazies knew that was a lie.
    Let’s vote again now that the average voter can see it as well.


  3. James W Peterson says:

    Move Sun Metro back to the Plaza and let federal transit money build the restrooms.


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