City out of control

Let us know if we don’t have the facts here.

  • Ethics complaints were filed against the city attorney, the mayor, and some city representatives
  • The city attorney hired a law firm to act as outside legal counsel and to review the issues
  • The outside legal counsel dismissed the complaints against the people who hired him

Rabbit hole

We don’t see a provision in the city’s ethics ordinance for anyone other than the city attorney or the ethics review commission to dismiss a complaint.

If the outside counsel only made a recommendation to the ethics review commission we might suspect that he was doing his master’s bidding.  For the outside counsel to unilaterally dismiss the cases against his masters is a clear conflict of interest.

The chairman of the ethics review commission disagreed with the dismissal.

We deserve better


4 Responses to City out of control

  1. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the City’s Legal Department never takes a case/action on their own? Ain’t it a tad unusual that the taxpayers are paying the high salary of these Legal Beagles? How many legal actions/cases are ‘hanging fire’ in the Legal Office?


  2. Jud Burgess says:

    So yes Brutus, I was the one who filed most of those ethics complaints which were plain for all to see were violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act and Open Information Laws.

    I, as a citizen wanted to send the message that our public servants are being watched and that they need to think twice about trying to game the system and put one over on their constituents. We’re watching and we have a tool (weapon) at our disposal called the Ethics Complaint.

    It can be used for political gain as in the way Jim Tolbert used one to essentially remove Larry Romero so he could usurp his seat on Council with a emergency election. Interestingly enough, Tolbert ran on an ethics and integrity platform and come to find, what goes round comes round so here he is not even daring to mention either word because of the ethics and integrity issues that he’s embroiled in this election.

    Ethics complaints can also be used to shine light and expose politicians and city attorneys who use their positions to take advantage.

    This is what I did by filing against the mayor, 4 council reps and the city atty. No political motivation on my end as I did this as a citizen who had had enough.

    City atty Borunda-Firth was not taking my complaints seriously until I filed against her and then she felt the heat.

    When it was forwarded to Bojorquez Firm in Austin, I knew it would not go anywhere because they sent it to their lawyer buddies and of course they protect their own.

    I sat in on the El Paso Ethics Commission meeting where they made public the Bojorquez judgement to drop all my complaints and it was a joke that everyone could see right through.

    Both Ethics Commission members Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Telles had serious issues with not being allowed to even review my complaints and they disagreed with Alan Bojorquez’ final determinations.

    Bojorquez lamely used the excuse that the wording was confusing in the City Ethics Code while Schwartz and Telles strongly disagreed and found that there was plenty of evidence according to how the Ethics Code stated that there was an evident attempt to circumvent the Texas Open Meetings Laws.

    Keep a very close eye on Borunda-Firth because she is a master at playing the system to achieve her end game, esp. regarding the downtown “arena”.

    I’m watching them closely and there will come another time when I will file an ethics complaint(s) once again.

    They cannot help themselves, they will walk right into these situations without a second thought.


  3. Chas Thomas says:

    We deserve better…but I fear we’re not going to get it. Ever.


  4. “Watch us grow” used to be a common phrase until El Paso CC & CCC started their campaigns to “Watch us implode.”


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