Emptying buses

The numbers are out for Sun Metro’s six month performance for the 2017 fiscal year.

They show the number of passengers decreasing by 5.9% from last year.

Looking at numbers for a whole year:

in 2016 ridership decreased 7.9% from 2015

in 2015 ridership decreased 3.9% from 2014

Operating expenses in 2014 were $71.2 million.  They were $79 million in 2016.

We deserve better


7 Responses to Emptying buses

  1. Barbara says:

    What were the revenues?


    • Brutus says:

      The revenue figures are not included in the quarterly reports.

      For fiscal year 2017 they have budgeted $43.8 million in sales tax revenue and about $3.1 million in fare box revenue.



  2. ManintheMoon says:

    The problem with Sun Metro is what it has always been they cannot get you from point A to point B consistently in a timely manner unless you are only going a few blocks but at times they can be hard pressed to do even that. If you are having to use the bus for a job and it can be down right hard! Know this for a fact if you are trying to get a job and tell the employer you use Sun Metro to get to work it can be a strike against you in getting that job.


  3. Meanwhile, they have the gall to claim that BRIO’s new lines will actually increase ridership! How could that be? We are already subsidizing these buses that fail to serve the community. When is enough going to be enough?


  4. The Oracle says:

    Hey, . . . want to see big financial losses ???

    Just wait till the Streetcars are running !
    Right now, they are set up to be Party Trolleys !
    One price ridership, round and round and round just like the buses.
    But, it can load up FULL at UTEP/ Cincinnati bar area with students that have flasks of wine, whiskey and rum and a few Pepsi’s so they can keep “adding to the can of Pepsi” and ride and drink on the Streetcars, round and round and round and up and down the hills, drinking and waving and singing.
    Then, get back off the streetcar back at Cincinnati !
    Pay one price and ride for hours.

    (Same price rides as the buses “they say” . . about a year ago.)

    Sooooooo, that would be $1.50 for a whole evenings worth of fun “Party Trolley-ing” and drinking and waving and singing.
    Will be known as “The Party Trolleys”.

    “Lots of Fraternity and Sorority Fun !”


    • The Oracle says:

      Is there Eating allowed on buses ?
      ( I saw a man eating a sandwich on a bus a few years back.)

      So, maybe you can have Snacks, chips, Cheetos, little finger sandwiches on those “Party Trolleys” ?
      Yum, Lemon Squares !
      Rum and Pepsi.
      Up the hills. . . . and down the hills. . . . .
      Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

      (What ? You think they will OUTLAW food and drinks on buses ?)

      You think they will Strip Search every Bag Lady and tourist and Jury Duty rider for Flasks and Pepsi’s, and bottles of water ?


  5. Max Higgs says:

    Perhaps instead of continuing to throw money at a situation, questions should be asked. I say “situation ” because I don’t know what what problem is being addressed by the bus system. What objectives does El Paso City government try to meet with all the busses on the street? Is the objective to reduce traffic? Is the objective to move people to work and home again? For the money involved would it be cheaper to totally subsidize the busses? Would it help to ban all street parking? Why not use busses at peak ridership time and contract with Uber or Left at less than peak hours? What are we doing, for whom are we doing it and why? In the downtown area, the only time I see a bus load of people standing near a bus is at peak times and when a bus has run over the occasional pedestrian.


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