Not in our lifetime

It is not as though city staff has not told city council how bad the street situation is.

This slide came from a recent presentation made to council:

On the left side you can see that staff is telling council that roads that are not maintained (like ours) should generally last 25 years.

They are also pointing out that with the budgets that council has been passing we are on a 140 year cycle.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Not in our lifetime

  1. The Oracle says:

    Yep, they are passing the buck . . . to the next generation(s) of Mayor and City Council(s).
    You all will be dead by the time they re-surface your street.
    (In their minds. . . “problem solved.”)


  2. Haiduc says:

    Sorry but do NOT need a graph to know how bad El Paso streets are..


  3. Y Que! says:

    At least paint the God D*** stripes on the so called streets!


  4. No Name says:

    Hysterical! 140 year old streets?


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