City council grandstanding

Many of our local politicians are upset over plans to expand the border wall.

Note that we said expand.

El Paso has had a border wall since 2008.

Does city council want the wall to be torn down?

According to this video, illegal crossings dropped from as many as 10,000 per day to 500 when the wall was finished.

We deserve better



8 Responses to City council grandstanding

  1. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Ya know, I reckon that the “Golden Arena” is getting too much discussion amongst the little people. This BS about the wall is just a smoke and mirrors tactic to divert the little people attention in the other direction. Ya all know them little people have one track minds.


  2. Carlos Rivera says:

    El Paso has had a wall since much earlier. Silvestre Reyes started the “Tortilla Curtain” while he was Border Sector Chief in the 90’s.


  3. M.T. Cicero says:

    Does the City Debt under the logo include any of the QOL bonds and all the Baseball field debt? Will it be updated?


  4. Marshall Carter-Tripp says:

    brutus, are you really saying that 10,000 people a day crossed in El Paso before the “fence” went up ????

    The story in your link does not address this question at all…


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