Paying for our roads again and again

The city adds $1.10 per month to our garbage (ESD–environmental services division) bills.

They list this as “FRANCHISE FEE(NO TAX)”.

Franchise fees are usually explained by local governments as charges for the use of public right of ways (streets).  The fees are charged to private companies that use public roads (electric, telephone, gas, cable, private ambulance companies).

Our streets

The problem here is that this franchise fee charges residents for the use by our own city garbage trucks of roads we have already paid for.

If this is permissible then might we then see new franchise fees charged for police, fire, ambulance, animal services and other city department’s use of city roads?

We deserve better


3 Responses to Paying for our roads again and again

  1. Agreed. In El Taxo the politicians, Public Officials take every penny they can get from US. The “Rain-falling-off-the roof-TAX” is just another example. How many YEARS have THEY been doing this charade, scam? EVERY TIME it does come a big rain, floods (maybe once every few years), the very SAME PROBLEMS are there. Homes FLOOD, streets FLOOD, cars get washed away, people DROWN, property is damaged. NOTHING ever changes, NOTHING is ever FIXED. So where or to WHO does all that money go?? This in a city where the POLITICIANS, District Attorney, Law Enforcement “Authorities” refuse, cannot, will not collect MILLIONS and MILLIONS$$$$ in UNPAID traffic tickets. It’s simply easier for THEM to INCREASE TAXES.


  2. JerryK says:

    It’s like sending yourself a bill to park your car in your own garage. But what it really is is political cowardice by politicians who are afraid to add to your property tax the cost of their extravagances.

    So tack it onto the rubbish bill.


  3. Old Gringo Guy says:

    What? Surely our local politicians are not ripping us off? Did you ever wonder what happens to the ‘Road and Bridge Tax’ we pay on vehicle registration fees every year? Where does that tax go? Seems to me that we shouldn’t have any potholes at all!


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