Suggested tips wrong

We saw something the other day that you might want to be careful about.

The image below is from the bottom of a restaurant receipt:

None of the suggested tip percentages yield the suggested tip amount.  In each case they are suggesting more than the indicated percentage.

These people would fit right in with our local governments.

We deserve better


11 Responses to Suggested tips wrong

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tips are just a way for the restaurant business to pass off their employee expenses, a complete ripoff. They should let every company do this and see how that would work out for the world. Go buy some groceries and tip the cashier, tip your kid’s teacher. They get away with it in food service because people don’t want them to spit in the food. I’ve got news for you, sometimes they do it anyway, before they ever see the tip. Some McDonald’s employees urinate in the pickle jar, and worse. Buyer beware is meaningless when it comes to the food industry. If you think you haven’t eaten someone’s spit you are fooling yourself. People that like to do that are attracted to the food industry for the very purpose of doing that, for no reason at all. Like serial killers…


  2. Eloise says:

    Forget the percentages and tip generously. Servers are underpaid. Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant understands this. I hate stingy tippers. It says something unflattering about that person’s character.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Tipping is for good service, not a wage supplement. If I do not leave a good tip it is not because of a character default but rather the service I got was not up to par or they did not look good in shorts and halter tops. 🙂


  3. Dan Wever says:

    The manager is probably an EPISD math award-winning student! 🙂


  4. JerryK says:

    Up here in BC, the tip percent is a choice on the card swiper and it is based on the gross amount including tax. I recall in Europe seeing a “service charge” added to our bill and wondering if that was the tip or did they expect more from the dumb Americano. In El Paso I frequent the Bistro, Ripe and Ardovino and usually get good service for which i am willing to pay extra.


  5. I never Tip based upon what is a recommended percentage of the tab. I Tip based upon the Server and the SERVICE. Based upon that, my “mental” point system goes up or down. Some, many(?) don’t want to be there, in that job, but it’s money. AND THEY expect a Tip, no matter how bad the service. Some restaurants in El Paso, I just don’t go back, others are just my favorite places. Some restaurants they, the Hostess doesn’t like “Older” people, so “you” go wayyyyyy in the back , worst table, worst server. One restaurant, after a couple of visits few years ago, I figured out they didn’t like WHITE people coming there. Servers for the most part are hard working people and they know that Tips depend on THEM, their personality and the job they do for the CUSTOMER.


    • The Oracle says:

      What you said. . . reminds me. . . .
      That Anglos have a hard time establishing a business that caters to El Pasoans. Once many El Pasoans find out the business is Anglo owned or the people on the phone don’t speak Spanish, they leave and go to a Hispanic owned/ managed/ most speaking Spanish on the Front Counter or on the phone.
      So, no matter how much an Anglo business advertises and brings in customers, the customers don’t hang around long and gravitate to Hispanic owned/ managed businesses.
      Some Anglo businesses have gone as far as naming their business a Hispanic name ( i.e. example, but not real: “Juan’s Plumbing.”)
      (There . .IS . . no Juan. His name is really “John”.)

      And everyone that works there IS Hispanic (except the Owner) and the manager is Hispanic.

      It’s like Germans at Fort Bliss, enjoy and usually rather do business with a German owned business, if they can find one.

      Italians will FIND Italian owned businesses.
      Koreans will certainly find Korean owned businesses.

      So, a restaurant seating old white people . . back in the corner at a horrible table is par for the course.


  6. Old Gringo says:

    And yet, a $15.00 minimum wage is proposed? Is the school system really screwed up? Maybe more time on math and less on bi-lingual and ‘feel-good’ programs?


  7. The Oracle says:

    Does. . . Once you ADD the Tip, . . . then, it BECOMES approximately those percentages ?
    $32.48 + 7.50 = 39.98 x .20 = 7.99/ rounded down to 7.50 ?


  8. ripper1951 says:

    What was the total bill without the tax? The ones I have seen calculated the tip based on the bill less the tax and rounded up. I have seen the others that just throw out figures like this though.


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