Taking care of themselves

The other day we had a horrible incident where  someone shot several people who were practicing for an upcoming congressional baseball game in Washington, D.C.

The attacker was killed.

That same day there was another attack at a shipping facility in San Francisco where three people were killed and others were wounded.  The attacker evidently killed himself.

Both incidents were horrible.

We subsequently heard comments that indicated solidarity among members of congress.  The speaker of the house of representatives was quoted as saying “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us”.

Maybe we missed it but we have not heard any members of congress offering any kind of support for the families of the victims in San Francisco.

Does that tell us where we stand?

We deserve better


2 Responses to Taking care of themselves

  1. Of course that tells us where we stand. Just like their cries for “beefed up” security for members of Congress told us! These bastards, who refuse to pass reasonable gun laws, think that they are entitled to a level of security higher than that which the rest of us have. I say, welcome to our world, and see how you like!


    • ManintheMoon says:

      John G Dungan Sr
      When the hell did the thugs or the crazies ever give a shit about gun laws? Never! Not a single gun law you can suggest will stop such people from killing others but then again you would not be so outraged if these crimes had been done with a Ford or Chevy or a Home Depot Knife or Hammer. Surely you wouldn’t call for these to be banned.
      There is a gun in America for every person and then some. The issue is not more gun laws but paying for the man power to enforce the laws we already have on the books which our elected officials at the the local, state and federal level never do. Guess 22 thousand + gun laws, on the books, in America, still can’t fix this problem. Add guns laws to the Moon and the Thugs and the crazies still will not give a damn about your gun laws. Gun Laws only work for the honest and responsible citizen.


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