City plays favorites

It seems that some people want the east side sports complex to be even bigger than the ten million dollar project the voters approved in the 2012 quality of life bonds.

It looks like the expanded bill will be $23.6 million.

Who pays?

The city plans to create a “Public Improvement District” that would assess fees to homeowners in a nearby new subdivision.  According to an article in the Times the fees would bring in about $6.8 million.

The city has already approved a tax increment reinvestment zone (TIRZ) that will get go keep 42.5 percent of property taxes collected above the current tax base in the development.  That will amount to between $43 and $55 million.

You pay

In other words an area of town wanted a bigger, better, nicer park.  City council is allowing them to carve out part of their city property taxes that would normally have gone into the general fund.  Instead the money will be used to pay for bonds that the city wants to issue.

We deserve better


2 Responses to City plays favorites

  1. tickedofftaxpayer says:

    The whole point of the bond issue was to vote on a set amount of money to improve quality of life. Our local politicos seem to have taken this a mandate to borrow and spend whatever they feel like for the target projects. Fiscally responsible leaders would scale the project to the budget vs. changing the budget to fit caviar dreams. I pity the next generation who will be struggling to get mortgages approved thanks to the higher property tax loads. This isn’t sustainable. Instead of attracting business and the best and brightest, this stupidity will ensure El Paso remains a dusty border town.


  2. City Council, County Commissioners, El Taxo Government is just one big CRIMINAL EMPIRE. Who will THEY GIVE this Sports Park to??? Whoever makes the biggest “Campaign Donations”. Kind of like the City Councils baseball field??


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