Quality of Life–eventually

If you go to the city’s website and enter “Quality of Life” in the search box you will get this graphic:

We approved the $450 million in bonds in 2012 and as of June 25, 2017 the city is telling us that they have completed $28 million in projects.

The situation tells us a lot about how poorly conceived and planned the bond issue was.  Since then a new city manager and elected officials have inherited the mess.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Quality of Life–eventually

  1. Wow! Just wow. I knew it was bad, but I did not know it was this bad. So, what is the reason they offer for this? Have no bonds been sold? If not, why not? If so, where the hell is the money?! Is it not yet time to simply abandon all of those poorly conceived ideas?


  2. As more time passes, inflation lessens the value of that bond money….goods and services cost more. In the end, we El Paso citizens get less from the bond money. Pathetic.


  3. The ONLY people who have, experience “Quality of Life” in El Taxo are the POLITICIANS, PUBLIC OFFICIALS. A half-MILLION$$$$ plus, School Superintendent?? Over paid much??


  4. Brutus says:

    We should have written $473 million instead of $450 million.


  5. Beto Moore says:

    HEY!! It’s for the kids. Get a grip!!


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