Sun metro needs more money

The preliminary city budget for 2017/2018 allows for an increase in Sun Metro’s budget from $69.8 to $71.2 million.

Ridership on the bus system continues decline while costs increase.  This chart of third quarter 2017 performance comes directly from the Sun Metro web site:

The chart shows that ridership is down and costs are up.

The proposed city budget documents give the following reason for the cost increase:

Cost increase related to BRIO and Streetcar in preparation for Fall 2018

Isn’t it time for them to change strategy?

We deserve better


7 Responses to Sun metro needs more money

  1. The Oracle says:

    The more people they drive “To the Poor House”, the more will ride the bus. The more they can get people to FAIL, will make the bus lines more profitable !
    What a way to run a Kingdom !

    Most of us are 2 buses away, (transfers) from downtown, yet Jury Duty gives only 2 buss passes. That means you cannot go home after Jury Duty and have to flip that bill, all by yourself, and knowing that, puts just a little more hate and distrust towards the Courts and their defendants.
    Jury Duty was set up WAY back when . . . people’s lives were not as Disrupted and they could walk to Jury Duty and it didn’t cost them a weeks wages (just ask any self-employed or sales on commission HOW they’d make up for the lost time and money/ sales.) IMPOSSIBLE !

    Soooo, someone’s NOT gonna get a fair trial !

    OK, I’m off topic now. . . .

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  2. This makes so much El Paso sense! You got a thing that is losing money, and already heavily dependent on government subsidies? Let’s put more local money into because we still don’t want to fix the streets!

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  3. elrichiboy says:

    Bus service is a public good that will always need subsidies. Like streets or parks or police. But are we smart with our subsidies? That’s a different question.


    • The Wizard says:

      Facts are stubborn things. I wish I knew the true cost to tax payers for streets, police, and support for private cars. I know my personal cost is too high.


  4. tickedofftaxpayer says:

    The real question should be how much of this increase is due to streetcar?


  5. Chuco Nerd says:

    It would help if you actually understood how these systems work. Right now Sun Metro is having to spend money to gear up (hire drivers, mechanics, and do training for them, expand maintenance facilities etc.) and they aren’t seeing any money coming in from the new Brio routes or from the streetcar. Who knows if the streetcar will make any money but it’s a bit disingenuous to criticize the fact that there are startup costs for things like this. Even though the Mesa corridor has actually been a lot more successful than projected (which means its making more money) and that the Alameda corridor is going to serve an even bigger user base, I guess its easy to criticize Sun Metro for not making any money BEFORE the new corridors are up and running.

    What kind of nonsense is that? These projects are going to happen at this point, and so far Sun Metro has been doing ok at running a bus system (at least according to awards and whatnot they’ve received) so why not let them get built then see if they make any money or serve the community, and then complain about it when you can actually point to ridership numbers or ticket prices or budgets etc.?

    As far as ridership numbers go right now what’s having a major impact is all the construction going on in downtown and the westside. They can actually point to their different lines and show you how the ridership goes down when they have to temporarily move a stop, or if their buses are running slow due to traffic (what do you think Mesa going down to one lane does to their performance?) Plus you have amazingly low gas prices so more people feel that it’s worth it to drive themselves to work. Do you really think the construction will last forever and that gas prices will never go up? This is a time when ridership has gone down but there will be a time when it goes right back up (like it did when gas was creeping higher and higher some years back).


  6. Gnossos says:

    The trolleys will cost us taxpayers several million dollars per year and each year as more and more maintenance and operating costs increase our tax burden will likewise increase. I do not think the city has ever announced this but ridership will not nearly cover the cost of operation. Tucson has a three year old trolley system virtually identical to what El Paso will have (runs from their downtown to their university campus just like ours will). People in Tucson were shocked to learn a year after their trolleys started operating that the taxpayers were going to have to subsidize the cost of operating the trolleys at several million dollars a year and forever. I wonder how that information will be received here. I expect they will start operating our trolleys with a lot of hoopla and the city officials will delay explaining that the operating costs will vastly exceed the revenue from ridership until a year later just like the Tucson officials did.

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