What emergency?

The Times has told us that our new mayor believes that certificates of obligation should only be issued to handle emergencies.

What part of the spending from the proposed $62 million in certificates of obligation would be used for an emergency item?

Would it be:

$16.8 million to increase funding for quality of life projects

$24.8 million to buy police cars, fire engines, repair a parking garage, and remodel some restrooms

$2.6 million to improve and repair facilities (including $700,000 for bathrooms at San Jacinto)

$18.1 million to have someone assess our streets, put traffic signals at new intersections, and add lights to our “entryways”

Has the mayor changed his mind?  We will soon see how he handles the situation.

Stay tuned

We deserve better





6 Responses to What emergency?

  1. felias57 says:

    See Margo
    He’s not a good boy


  2. Lily Limón says:

    BabyApe you are right on target. Promises are made to selective reps.


  3. Retired boomer says:

    Nothing happens to them. Problem is that our choices for representatives are folks who have limited experience with handling large sums of money. When that type of person gets a windfall, the first reaction is to consider new cars, expensive vacations, expensive remodeling to modest homes, pools, etc. Some are able to get feet back on the ground and reasonably consider paying down debt, mortgages, paying into retirement. Not so much fun but a setup for future security. We elect these folks and give them a credit card with an unlimited credit line. They can’t manage it.


  4. The Oracle says:

    Cities should NOT borrow money for regular expenses.
    They should have a balanced budget and only borrow. . . . for emergencies.

    Paying interest from the taxpayers funds was NEVER part of the deal.
    The city should only spend what they HAVE and will receive under normal circumstances.
    What is now paid in interest could have been used for much greater and better projects. At some point, everything the city takes in . . will be paid out in interest.
    There should be a State Law that No Cities can borrow money, unless it is an emergency and approved by a panel of judges to determine . .IF . . . it is “an emergency.”

    The city is selling off the farm (in the form of Paid Interest) piece by piece.

    The City Representatives don’t care. If things don’t work out . . oh, they will just go on to another job.
    The city reps are racking up interest at the public’s expense and THEY are not responsible !

    How about, if . .I . . borrow money, in YOUR NAME and . . . Spend IT ?

    And. . . I . . am NOT RESPONSIBLE for paying it back . . You are !


  5. Old Gringo says:

    You missed one item that the Mob of City Government will surely put forth after the Certificates are issued and that is, first, a giant pay raise and second to build a new hall bigger and better than the old one.


  6. BabyApe says:

    Makes you wonder what happens to people when they get elected to city hall? Do they brain wash them there or maybe they just promise them nice things if they go with the flow of continuing to rob the property woners???


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