City council especially clever

They’re having a very special city council meeting today (Monday, August 7, 2017).

They plan to:

  1. Discuss and take action on next year’s city budget.
  2. Discuss and take action on the city’s debt management policy.  The policy currently does not allow them issue certificates of obligation for quality of life projects.  They want to throw more money at the projects since they were so underestimated by the previous city manager.
  3. Discuss and take action relative to issuing almost $69 million in certificates of obligation.
  4. Discuss the 2012 street infrastructure program.

When they want to do special things like take more of our money they like to have special meetings to keep the un-special taxpayers out of the meeting.

We deserve better




2 Responses to City council especially clever

  1. Haiduc says:

    Free stuff is NOT Free !!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Stop paying property taxes and tell them they can have your house when you die !!


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