City hides from the public

The city took the “arena” question out of town to an Austin courtroom as Texas law allowed them to do.

While it may have been legal, we don’t think it was fair.  Going to Austin effectively stifled public input.

Now the judge has gone on record thinking the same way:

“I doubted from the beginning whether it was wise, as a city, to come ask a Travis County judge to tell them what they’d done was correct or not”

No kidding

We deserve better



8 Responses to City hides from the public

  1. Exactly. And, still they persist with this facility that is not needed, will mostly be unused, and which will only displace more people, and reduce the property tax revenue that this city so desperately needs.

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    • Tickedofftaxpayer says:

      Which drives the question: whose donor’s agenda is it?

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      • MirandasGhost says:

        Look at all the city reps donors, see which all have a same pattern from there just deduce from rational logic and see which names/developers match or correlate with the Arena and contracts.

        Like they say, follow the paper trail. You’ll see.

        If no one wants to do the work, I’ll do the work. I already have narrowed it down.


  2. skydiverr says:

    We DO deserve better but we, as a voting body, don’t seem to want to do the work to get it.


  3. M.T. Cicero says:

    I am quite sure that back in the bond election of 2012, the City Attorney was aware of the substitution of a “performing arts facility” for a “sports area” which was quite deliberate and the change was approved by her. This was recommended with the thought that with the change, it had a better chance of passing. She knew the difference. When the public caught on to the scam, equating an arena with a performing arts center, again the City Attorney was consulted and she suggested it be settled in Austin where the Judges a more sympathetic with the cities and few El Pasoan would attend the trial. The judge saw through the ploy and clearly said and the arena is not a facility for performing arts. The CA claimed this is ambiguous and now wants to spend more money for an appeal. Does she not see that the two things do not equate and the only thing missing is calling Judge Meachum, “that woman”. Do we really pay the City Attorney for this type of advice? Who does she represent?


  4. anti Grossman et al says:

    I, for one, am sick and tired of the Durangito people, none of whom live there. Grossman needs to attract attention in order to stay in the headlines. How else could Grossman stay relevant now that he was kicked off the Historical Commission. If he, and his followers, are so concerned with the history of the area, why have they done nothing to raise funds or find a donor to help with restoration? They would leave the area in its present state of dilapidation.
    I don’t really think the city will benefit from an arena but the voters approved it and the city is bound to follow through. Grossman et al have not helped themselves or the city by being obstructionists.


    • abandon hope says:

      Why don’t you look at the facts rather than attacking Grossman?

      It’s clear that property owners in Duranguito had inside information that the City might want to buy their property at some point. All they had to do is wait, let their property deteriorate and collect rent. You suggest raising funds to preserve the area. Actually that was done about 20 years ago when the neighborhood applied for and received a federal grant to put in sidewalks and historic street lights. And the City must pay back that federal grant when the area is leveled.

      Even with funds or a donor, property owners get to do what they want with their property and the City will usually let them. Besides, the City had no vested interest in enforcing codes in the area because it’s much easier to announce you’re tearing down dilapidated buildings than buildings in good condition.

      Voters did not approve a sports arena.


  5. Anonymous says:

    El Taxo City, County politicians just one big criminal enterprise. Lie, deny, deceive, cover up. lie again.


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