Deciding who god should like in the name of politics

Without regard to what you may or may not think about our current president, we heard something the other day that bothered us.

Someone at the table criticized something the president said.

Another person said “God bless him, I hope he figures this out”.

The first person asked “Why would you say that?  Why would you ask that God bless him?”

The response was along the lines of “Wouldn’t you want God to bless every person”?

“Not that guy” was what we heard next.

Have we sunk that low?

We deserve better


8 Responses to Deciding who god should like in the name of politics

  1. abandon hope says:

    Some people want only those they agree with to receive favor and protection. Narrow-minded but common. After all, doesn’t asking for God’s blessing and guidance for the president benefit everyone?


  2. Chas Thomas says:

    Apparently we have, Disgusting!


  3. Chas Thomas says:

    We should pray for the person that said “Not that guy.”


  4. Beto Moore says:

    Brutus. Have you lost your mind?


  5. Onthejustandunjusttherainfalls says:


    Regardless of one’s beliefs or lack thereof, wishing evil on someone is bad form and says more about the wisher than the recipient of the blessing or curse. Ancient sayings such as the golden rule and even the Irish blessing teach us more about how we should, could and can behave than all the theology in the world. Although I reject the entire supernatural paradigm, I still see kindness, goodness, and hope as smart ways to live. I hope the best for Trump, Pelosi and even Susie Byrd — and Tim, too.


  6. anonymous says:

    Consider how often you hear the phrase “God Bless America” instead of “God Bless Us All.” Do we only want God to bless America? All too often, God Bless America is used by politicians as rhetoric. If we were to pray for God to bless everyone maybe the world would be a better, safer place. Wouldn’t that benefit everyone?


  7. Sharon Robinet says:

    Yes many have sunk that low! What kind of human being would want our president assasinated? A bad one!


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