Combined planning

The bond oversight committee in their November 7, 2013 saw these two slides:

Another plan abandoned.

We deserve better


2 Responses to Combined planning

  1. abandon hope says:

    The City’s worst failure is the goal to “catalyze revitalization and economic growth in surrounding areas.” Downtown property owners have joined with the City to ignore what is historic and make a buck no matter what. I don’t blame them for wanting their property to pay off, but I do blame them for their short sighted focus on sports and events instead of historic tourism.

    El Paso’s history is Anglo, Hispanic, Chinese, Jewish and Middle Eastern. Why isn’t Cultural Center planning committee more focused on the Union Plaza community that the City is demolishing? Juan Hart, for one, lived there. His mother came from a distinguished Mexican family. Why build a museum when you already have/had a neighborhood that is alive and exemplifies the culture and history?

    The City’s Urban Planning gets a solid “F.”


  2. And, just think of all the really good ideas that have been ignored for so many years. At one point, somebody suggested the creation of a huge park, running inside the levees, from as far upstream as possible, all the way out to Ysleta, and maybe beyond. This was back when there were still huge cottonwoods, and native grass growing down there. There could have been hiking and biking trails, picnic and cookout areas, pavillions with grandstands for outdoor events. Another idea was to create a River Walk, from the Old Hart’s Mill area, down through downtown, and to get Mexico involved with restaurants and bars and all kinds of entertainment. But, nobody with imagination was listening then, and now, the only ones left are those looking to make that Buck.


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