Strange retirement

The timing of our recently departed city chief financial officer’s retirement deserves some scrutiny.

Dr. Sutter was the one that had to clean up the incredible mess that our former city manager and her chief financial officer left us with.  During his tenure he seemed to be temperate and honest to a high degree.  When he spoke in public he did not advocate for an issue but instead took his direction from those above him.  Some of his presentations to city council required him to expose lies that the former administration had told, but he did it without getting personal.

The Times published news of his upcoming retirement on July 27, 2017.  His last day was to be August 11, 2017.

He left right at the end of the city’s annual budget process.  Most professionals would not do that.  He also left without a replacement being announced.  That left city council without access the the in-depth knowledge and detail that would have been useful in finalizing the budget.

What happened?

Were there family or personal problems that caused him to leave his post?  We hope not.

Could it be that he did not want to tie his name to what was going on?

Did he get pushed out?

Maybe DavidK can use his contacts at the city to help us find out.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Strange retirement

  1. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Perhaps he isn’t a fan of COs being used to pay for cost overruns bond projects given the city insists on adhering to wording of the bond issue when it works for them and then does what donors want when they think they can get away with. Voters were promised this bond issue a) wouldn’t cost them anything and b) would cover all these projects. Obviously neither element of the REIT investors ad, whoops, voter education campaign was true.


  2. JerryK says:

    Perhaps the new Borderplex mayor wants a CFO who will play ball, like Dr. Sutter’s predecessor?


    • anon says:

      The CFO works for the city manager, not the mayor. So why do you immediately direct suspicion toward the mayor?


      • JerryK says:

        Dee has been a proponent of the Borderplex debt-spend-tax agenda from the get go. Now the cost of the Borderplex agenda is hitting our tax bills. You are naive if you think the CM has a veto in this if, indeed, Dr. Sutter’s resignation is involuntary. We do not know that; we just know the history of debt-spend-tax in the last five years and the current mayor is at its center.

        The stadium, the QoL, DTEP tax waivers (their taxes are not going up) have failed to create a private sector tax base sufficient to carry the cost of these projects.

        BTW, I knew Mark and worked with him in the BTOP project. Nice guy and i for one wish him well in the future.


  3. old gringo says:

    Could it be a rat leaving a sinking ship? Perhaps as an experienced financial professional, he foresaw what may be coming in the not-too-far future, when the city bankrupts all the taxpayers and has such bad credit that they can’t borrow any more money.


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