Getting around to getting around

A reader sent this in:

The City Engineering department had an industry call Monday with contractors.  On 10/17/17 they are releasing a bid package to re-pave 135 streets in El Paso – residential and arterial streets.  Total value $37 million.  The bid package will name the streets that will be re-paved.  Contract to be awarded February 2018 and start date March 2018 with a 2-year completion for all 135 streets.  Should be interesting to see how they award this one.  They don’t know if they will award to multiple contractors or 1 contractor.  Not sure if any locals other than  Jordan or Sundt can bond $37 million.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Getting around to getting around

  1. And, no matter who gets it, or when works starts, or how good a job they do, I suspect that this will be woefully inadequate, and we’ll still have a large number of streets in sorry repair. This is what is needed if there is any real hope of attracting new business or residents to the city.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah, ha STREETS of GOLD in El Taxo. 135 streets “Repaired” for 37 MILLION$$$$ ! ! Do these “Streets” run from El Taxo to Phoenix, Dallas ?? Of course “somebody” at the City Hall already has in mind WHO will get this contract. A friend of a friend, who knows somebody at City Hall. Somebody’s “Uncle Joe” will show up in a pick up full of cold asphalt, a wheel barrow and a shovel . The streets that actually need repair the most will not be done, because that will cost MORE. A little hole here, a crack there. This is what happens when do nothing POLITICIANS are continuously elected. The street repairs, maintenance is not kept up on a routine basis and TAXPAYERS get shafted with this outrageous price. WE deserve BETTER, but BETTER is never elected in El Taxo.


  3. old gringo says:

    “Repaid 135 streets’. Damn, I was sure we had more streets in El Paso. I guess if it is named ‘Blvd’ or ‘alley’ or ‘anything but street’ it doesn’t count? Anyway, 10 to 1 the contract will go to an out of town outfit, who will underbid the contract, then start submitting ‘change orders’ and the 37 million figure will get bigger and bigger and bigger. All ‘repairs’ will be done with sub standard material and the first big rain storm will result in streets that are worse than they are now!


  4. Haiduc says:

    “Bout time”


  5. Helen Marshall says:

    Just learned that a friend – foolishly riding a bicycle on a street with bicycle symbols on it – hit a pothole and crashed. His helmet saved his head but could not prevent the broken rib…


  6. Beto Moore says:

    I’m a little hard of hearing so I’m always grateful when anonymous capitalizes words. Thank you for your kindness and consideration.


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