Neighborhood streets get the axe

City council is going to have a special meeting Monday, October 16, 2017.

Evidently in this case a special meeting  is one where they want to do something but don’t want the public to know about it or to show up to the meeting.

What they plan to do in this special meeting is to renege on previous commitments to pave neighborhood streets.

It looks like they don’t have enough money to maintain our main thoroughfares and so they want to take the money allocated to neighborhood streets and spend it on the big ones.

This chart tells you what they are up to:

Reprogrammed in this case means taken away from what was promised and spent on something else.

The street paving that is being reprogrammed here takes two slides:

Residents on those streets will just have to wait.

If you are inclined to go down to city council and complain please remember that you will only be allocated 3 minutes to speak and that if a bunch of you show up they will limit the number of people that get to talk.

Doing this in a special council meeting is cowardly.

We deserve better


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