No lefties on Stanton

That almost sounds like a joke.

We need to point out that city council haD an item on its Tuesday, October 31, 2017 agenda that would “include converting the existing center-turning lane to a dedicated transit lane and where feasible limiting left-turns thereby reducing the number of conflict points”.

It probably makes sense that they should keep automobiles from turning in front of the street cars.

It would have been nice if they had informed the public before the project was authorized.

Whether you support the street car project or not, this is yet another example of how our local government people take things from us one step at a time.

We deserve better


18 Responses to No lefties on Stanton

  1. mamboman3 says:

    How does it make sense to prevent turning in front of a street car? Normal traffic allows one to turn in front of any other vehicle if they are behind you and you can turn left or right with proper signal so the vehicle behind has no say whatsoever.


  2. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    That’s fine. I just avoid downtown entirely. In fact, I avoid driving in congested routes as much as possible. Shopping less frequently. Ordering online more. I feel sorry for local retailers, because I suspect I’m not alone. The construction hell we have created is hurting a lot of businesses.


  3. The Oracle says:

    They don’t know what questions to ask.
    . . . now that’s stupid.

    (You pretend the project is finished. . . and you mentally go on-the-ground- and slowly drive thru the entire project, (in your imagination) and see what flaws there might be. . . THEN . . you ask QUESTIONS, BEFORE the project is started.

    Mostly . . only MEN can do that. If they try.
    (Therefore, . . . most all of the architects, clothes designers, street planners, railroad architects, are males, etc.)

    Most females cannot hold a piece of imagination, and rotate it 360 degrees and see what is on the other side, and create, re-create, rediscover, the internal and external workings.
    Tests have been done ad infinitum on this subject.
    Evidently . . . there IS a difference in the way the mind works.

    What did we have during this planning stage ?
    Females at /County /County Attorney’s office , City Counsel, and others. And of course, the MALES have to stop thinking about “other things” to clear their minds to do it, IF . . they TRY.

    Now, I know. . . SOME PEOPLE are born with enough female AND males genes to skew the results.
    But, the tests. . . ARE . . the tests.
    (And, I’ve seen the results in action and knew about this since I was 17 ! ) So, I’ve been watching . . looking . . . seeing how the results of these tests play out in real life.

    Therefore. . . . you get what the City Council agreed to.

    (Sorry, I had to EXPLAIN the science behind my conclusions.
    so it’s a long post ! )


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Should I assume that you are female as you cannot spell City Council correctly? What a lovely concept, holding a piece of imagination. What planet are you from?

      I hope you enjoyed putting together this piece of bovine excrement, and giggling as you posted it.


  4. Progress says:

    They are trying to force El Paso to give up automobiles, that is the long-term goal here. Bike lanes for what can best be described as extremely sparse bicycle traffic, BRIO systems for fewer and fewer riders per year, SMART growth, etc. Who is going to pay hundreds of millions of dollars each year to support the BRIO systems when the fed money runs out? Why does El Paso need a transit system that costs hundreds of millions of dollars each year when our ridership is low and steadily declining? This makes as much sense as spending more than $600 million dollars on a school system that has declining enrollment and that failed to care for what it was already given. This makes as much sense as demolishing City Hall, giving that prime land and a more than $600 million dollar baseball field to the two wealthiest families in El Paso. Anyone who doesn’t think the baseball stadium will end up being much more than $600 million dollars should look into municipal debt and the cost of these types of projects. These types of local government entitlements have tremendously increased our debt and have solved not one problem. Well, they did solve the problem of us being the tenth most taxed city to now being the third most taxed city. Now if only they could get some companies to come here and not pay taxes for twenty years…


    • Disgusted says:

      They’re not trying to force people to give up their cars. The trolleys are just one small part of the effort to use taxpayer money to raise values of downtown properties for a small group of private investors. And those investors are saying they don’t want to build things downtown with their own money unless they can get out of paying taxes.


  5. Sorry, folks, but these comments just made me spit out my coffee. Women ” cannot hold a piece of imagination, and rotate it 360 degrees and see what is on the other side, and create, re-create, rediscover, the internal and external workings?” Tests have been done ad infinitum to prove this? Kindly cite your sources for that claim? Meanwhile, what is it with you people who love to shout your wild claims without identifying yourselves? Hiding behind pseudonyms is basically cowardly.


  6. Helen Marshall says:

    For The Oracle – About those Females allegedly responsible for the trolleys..a current EP Scene article describes in loving detail how three MALES brought about the trolley revival…Steve Ortega, Nestor Valencia, and Ted Houghton. Oh, and let’s not forget Raymond Telles, director of the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority, in charge of the streetcar project, and Martin Bartlett, of Barracuda Public Relations (yes, you read that right) who is in charge of “public engagement efforts.” Not a Female in sight.


  7. Retired boomer says:

    FYI. Wikipedia is not a valid scientific resource.


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