Our mayor’s vision

It seems that our mayor’s legendary vanity is not going away.

The Times ran this picture the other day  along with a recent op-ed piece the mayor sent in that talked about what a wonderful job he has been doing:

A few days later in an article about the legal costs associated with the arena the Times ran this picture:

Maybe he does see things differently.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Our mayor’s vision

  1. abandon hope says:

    I’m not crazy about this mayor, but saying his vanity is legendary seems a bit of a stretch. All politicians chose the best picture of themselves they can get. It is rare for photoshop not to be used in portrait photography. It’s this mayor’s policies that need to be talked about, not his appearance.


  2. Haiduc says:

    When you have no argument make it personal…wrong!


  3. Grendel says:

    Relax…he’s Janus…two-faced…so say we all are. Should have seen my publicity photo at UTEP. Never lived that 20-year old picture down.


  4. long memory says:

    don’t blame “the arena thing” on Margo. Wilson left us with that mess.


  5. good governance oxymoron says:

    Photos are not the problem.

    KVIA misled the public with a story reporting 700 new jobs with an average salary of $48,500.


    Mayor Margo and Borderplex Alliance CEO Jon Barela repeated the claim and declared an economic tsunami for El Paso.

    Apparently Mayor Margo, Borderplex Alliance CEO Jon Barela, and KVIA

    1. Did not actually read the agreement

    2. Are lying

    3. Believed Economic Director Jessica Herrera’s misrepresentation (aka lie ) of the hourly wage of $23.32 on her Dept Head Summary to council, which she should be fired for because nowhere in the contract is that wage stipulated.

    The Reality of the agreement is:

    1. On Monday 12/4 City Council approved a economic development agreement during a special meeting for the mortgage company Pacific Union Financial.
    They are required to create 699 jobs over 5 years

    2. On page 1 of the Dept Heads summary Director Jessica Herrera represents the associated hourly wage is $23.32 for the jobs.

    3. On page 19 The actual contractual agreement states that
    The company is eligible for the incentives if 90% of the employees earn at least Median county wage of $13.11 per hour without benefits. And there is NO minmum wage requirement for the remaining 10% of employees. Based on the contract requirements the average wage range is between $24,000 to $27,415 if all jobs include paid vacation and sick leave which is unlikely.

    To make matters worse KVIA touted 700 mortgage company jobs are headed to El Paso with an average salary of $48,500. The company could have expanded into California or Arizona, but chose the Borderland instead.

    Besides repeating the salary lie, KVIA left out that Arizona and California have increased there minimum wage so this company chose El Paso because the wages are lower and paid sick time is not required.

    Arizona increased it’s minimum wage to $12 / hour by 2020 and requires paid sick time statring in 2017.

    California increased it’s minimum wage to $15 / hour by 2022 through incremental yearly increases. It currently is at $12


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