Gasoline pricing

Can someone explain to us why gasoline is still sold with a price that goes down to the tenth of a cent per gallon (e.g. $2.43 9/10 or $2.439)?



5 Responses to Gasoline pricing

  1. Chas Thomas says:

    I think it’s to make people think that it’s 2.43 instead of what it really is…2.44.


  2. anonymous says:

    google it. there is a lot written about the subject and the history behind it.


  3. Progress says:

    Your debt statement at the top of the website page does not include debt service, nor does it demonstrate the El Paso city council and other local entities habit of reissuing debt, which extends the debt service beyond the original projections. The debt statement implies that the principal is the only part requiring repayment, which is not only incorrect, it substantially understates the amount of actual debt. It’s like saying the baseball stadium only cost taxpayers $60 million when realistically it is closer to $300 million.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Good question. The State Railroad Commission is the pricing authority on gasoline. Why them, even better question?. Most gasoline is carried by TRUCK. Another question to ask: Why does the cheaper grade of gas, “86”, cost MORE in El Paso than the Higher MINIMUM grade “87” cost in the rest of Texas, most other states? Most NEWER vehicles cannot use the “86”, so must use at least the ” 88″ in El Paso. Maybe just another scam in El Paso on gas PRICES?


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