Buses vs Police, Fire, and streets

If you break down the 8.25% sales tax we pay locally the city gets 1.5%.  The state gets 6.25% and the county the remaining .5%.

Incredibly the city has allocated a third of their portion  (.5%) to Sun Metro leaving 1% to help fund operations.

We deserve better


8 Responses to Buses vs Police, Fire, and streets

  1. anonymous says:

    Wow!!!!!! Here’s what I would like to know. When did that happen and on whose watch? Has the allocation to Sun Metro increased over time? A classic case of the tail wagging the dog.


  2. Daphne Baca’s says:

    Perhaps the expense of extensive bus service is because the issue of urban sprawl failed to be addressed adequately.


  3. OLD GRINGO says:

    Gee, makes ya wonder how much more unpublicized taxpayer money that we don’t know about is being flushed down the Sun Metro sewer, huh? Not to mention Federal grants/matching funds.


  4. Justathot says:

    I drive mesa from resler to executive each day around 5 pm. Buses are mostly empty. We found a nice 300k home in santa teresa with half the prop taxes. Already closed on mortgage. More people should flee el paso and giggle when they claim bankruptcy. We cannot wait. And no more subsidizing thousands of kids from juarez….only hundreds that are in Gadsden isd


    • anonymous says:

      Bankruptcy is a real possibility and El Pasoans would suffer through the consequences, but it’s wrong to wish for that and take joy in the misery in the others. The Germans call that schadenfreude. I call it sick.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Since all these EMPTY buses are a waste of taxpayer MONEY, I have an idea. Since the Mayor, Silly Council , can’t, won’t PAY, FUND the Police, maybe they could put Police on all these empty buses and actually put Police around the city, on the STREETS again.


  6. The Oracle says:

    If El Paso DID go the bankruptcy route. . . .

    Many debts would be wiped off or discounted to 10-20% maybe.
    Property Taxes SHOULD go down with a lesser debt load.
    The City would have to live within their means / current income and file that with the bankruptcy court and a budget.
    Actually, all cities should have ZERO credit and not be available to sell bonds as they don’t HAVE an Income.
    The CITY produces NOTHING and therefore should not EVEN HAVE a Credit Rating.
    The COLLECT money from others but do not have a productive income. They make nothing. They sell nothing.
    They should not HAVE any CREDIT whatsoever.
    Who guarantees all this borrowing ?
    That’s right. NO ONE. No assets are pledged.
    No one is responsible. Nothing can be guaranteed.
    (WHO would lend to ANYONE with that going on ?

    The management of the city changes every few years and they don’t all get along.
    Lending to a city. . . is like buying Bitcoins.
    Completely bogus. Does not exist. Cannot be made into anything.
    (Like gold and silver could) .
    It’s only based on guessing on what OTHERS would pay for an invisible thing-something that is “Only in their minds.”

    And the way Bitcoins are made is ridiculous.
    (If you put a dozens high speed computers in your basement and let others or the government USE that computing power, you eventually get a Bitcoin.
    Whoopee. AN Invisible Bitcoin !
    Now, the Electric Company gets many many hundreds or thousands of dollars from YOU running your dozens of high powered- high speed and hot computers in your basement, all attached to some unknown government network that USES YOUR processing power.
    And that is called: “Mining for Bitcoins.”
    Isn’t that the most stupid thing you’ve ever heard of ?

    Go to Google and search for IMAGES of:
    ” Bitcoin Mining computers.”
    and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Yeah, you read some of that too.
    Completely insane. You pay the electric company about $1000 for electricity to run all those computers and MAYBE Bitcoin will give you 1/3rd of a Bitcoin. Every month, month after month.
    Now, you’ve got $10,000 to $100,000 wrapped up in these computers so you HAVE to keep “Mining for Bitcoins., or you lose your investment.

    How completely insane.

    If you come and repaint my house, I’ll give YOU an Invisible Brutus Coin.



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