Nominations accepted

A reader recently suggested that we nominate the un-ElPasoan of the year.

What are your thoughts?

Please keep your comments decent.

We may have to take the unusual step of deleting comments if they are unnecessarily personal or are vulgar.


19 Responses to Nominations accepted

  1. abandon hope says:

    I nominate Sen. Jose Rodriguez for his comment about Gringolandia. How is that different from saying Beanerlandia or Spicville? Derogatory is derogatory and Sen. Rodriguez should know better.


    • Progress says:

      100% agree with your comment. Rodriguez has spent his entire public career accusing others of racism but refuses to admit that he himself is apparently a racist. Also, why do we allow career politicians? How is that good for any society?


  2. abandon hope says:

    Oh, and I almost forgot – Sen. Rodriguez illegally lobbied Commissioners Court for a contract that he personally benefits from. He’s beginning to get on my nerves. Definitely the un-El Pasoan of the year.


  3. JIm Tolbert says:

    I nominate Billy Abraham who has no sense of civil responsibility and seemingly no sense of social propriety or morality. He continues to let the buildings that he owns downtown to fall into decay. Many of these are historic treasures.


    • Progress says:

      So you don’t believe in private ownership? You could buy the buildings from him and then do whatever you want. However, in the spirit of your post, please provide your address so I can determine that you are adhering to my standards for your property.


    • Tickedofftaxpayer says:

      Hmmm, if Billy Abraham restored his properties, how much would his taxes go up? At least he doesn’t appear to be one of the guys forcing the rest of us taxpayers to rebuild downtown with amenities that won’t pay for themselves so they can flip properties they bought cheap and restored with tax incentives given by friends in City Council. If downtown is so successful why not publish actual headcounts of the folks using the rental bikes, visiting each museum (infographics with vague statistics of money spent per person don’t count), visiting Digiwall and using any other new quality of life improvement? I’m really curious to see how many people actually are using this stuff. The fact that city isn’t making a big deal of the numbers tells its own story. After all the justification for not doing a deal with private children’s museum which would have cost taxpayers less was the attendance numbers weren’t high enough—yet no attendance numbers are shared on City facilities. We just PR hype extrapolating how many dollars visitors likely spend.


    • Not Amused says:

      A smug, judgmental comment from a person whose recent mea culpa letter proves you are not one to pass judgment on the morality or social propriety of others.


  4. anonymous says:

    the business people who continue to build their for-profit empires through subsidies funded by taxpayers, while also touting their charitable giving


  5. Jud Burgess says:

    Dee Margo, newly elected mayor of a city that us 83% Latino on the border to Mexico. Ran on a platform of “holding the line on taxes”, won and immediately began talk of issuing $66,000,000 in non-voter approved CO’s to pay for paving and short-funded QOL projects. On his first city hall meeting attempted to cut public speakers times to 60 seconds, continues to publicly spread lies and misinformation regarding the “sports arena” leaving out the bait and switch punishment levied by Judge Meachum. Represents the money of El Paso, not the people. Abuses Duranguito supporters via the EPPD. Hand-picked Juan Cabrera for Episd superintendent and we have seen the ineptitude and ignorance displayed by his choice. I could go on but won’t…


    • curious says:

      What is your point about El Paso being 83% Latino and on the border? I think most ElPasoSpeak readers live here and already know that.


    • Tickedofftaxpayer says:

      Dee Margo has my vote in this category—I knew when the tax and spenders on City Council endorsed him right before the election we were totally screwed. I voted for another candidate for that reason alone.


  6. Baytoe Moore says:

    I nominate Bob Moore. He’s done more damage working for his masters than any other El Pasoan. Joyce Wilson would be a close second.


  7. al bundy says:

    Dee Margo. He only won because he ran against a bunch of people with no name recognition. Someone who campaigned as a fiscal conservative should’ve had the guts to end stupid projects like the arena and the trolleys, but he’s bought into them instead. Continuing us further down this foolish path.


  8. al bundy says:

    A close second would be Jim Tolbert, for pretending to be a good person.


  9. Anonymous says:

    The El Paso Times for their rip-off of the El Paso residents and call themselves a NEWSpaper. Its pretty sad when the closest thing to El Paso news is the obits on page 2 of the newspaper.


  10. Helen Marshall says:

    I’m surprised that some of these comments have not been deleted..this hardly has advanced any serious discussion about dysfunctional persons in El Paso! What is the point!!!


  11. Chico says:

    Two nominations … Juan ChupaCabrera and Timothy Holt (aka Deputy Dawg), his shameless apologist. Incompetence leading our youth is one of the most destructive forces in El Paso. You can’t teach children with free laptops and a marketing campaigns (poorly designed campaigns at that). Hate to see the future of thousands squandered by arrogance and foolishness.

    Yes, Tim. I read your blog. Still think it’s stupid.


  12. Robert Montz Currey says:

    Max Grossman for using outside money to fight the Multipurpose-whatever-you-call-it in Duranguito, for making Duranguito a place, and just for beIng an egotistical little jerk.


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