Can we get Elrichboy to run for city council?

Elrichboy over at El Chuqueno has done it again:

You might want to think about this

We deserve better.


5 Responses to Can we get Elrichboy to run for city council?

  1. The Raging Chihuahua says:

    Of course l agree. About a month ago, l even offered him a $1000 donation if he ran for either Mayor or CC. l am sick of living in a town where most of the people running, literally cannot give you a coherent or even a quasi coherent reason as to why they’re running for office. l know that l’m too toxic to be elected, plus after putting up with so much stupidity, l’d probably go “medieval” on someone’s ass. So, what’s my “big, evil, local Illuminati” agenda?,,,,(1) put at least a four year cap on spending – if that means throwing some city employees out on the streets, then l’ll try not to lose too much sleep (2) no more tearing down stuff that doesn’t need to be torn down (3) no more building stuff with taxpayer’s $ – let the private sector put in their own time, energy and $ (4) get the lights synchronized – l’ve complained about that way back when Cab was Mayor (5) street repair – obviously (6) bike paths? – only on a small scale affordable version, then maybe (7) at least a two week notice when public meetings will take place and on days and times that are convenient for the public to attend. l’m going to take an educated guess that Elrichiboy is in agreement with at least most of these ideas which is why my offer still stands.

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    • Helen Marshall says:

      About #5 – How about not just street repair but making decent streets in the first place…go to Albuquerque and try to find a street anywhere near as bad as half the streets in El Paso. How much per mile does the Duke City spend for its good streets as compared to how much per mile for streets like the surface of the moon here in Sun City? Incompetence or corruption?


  2. Helen Marshall says:

    The Times today tells us that one challenger to a state rep “said he decided to run because the seat was up for election and he was looking for an opportunity to run for public office.” Gee, can’t wait to vote for him!


  3. abandon hope says:

    I think it is who the candidate is, his or her character that matters, not what they say their agenda will be. I’m sure everyone can think of recent examples of candidates who immediately went back on their campaign promises. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to know every candidates’ character, but it becomes clear once they are elected. Actually, elrichboy is very clear on where he stands. I’d vote for him, even though I don’t agree with him all the time.


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