Better than perfect (at least in their own minds)

During the city’s budget presentations for fiscal year 2018 this chart was presented:

Take a look at the 911 calls answered within 15 seconds.

Somehow in 2015 they were able to answer 123.46% of them within 15 seconds.  We aren’t smart enough to figure how they did that other than maybe they answered a bunch of them twice.

In 2016 they wasted less time and only answered 119.47% of them within 15 seconds.

At the time the presentation was made they dropped down to 90.14%

Do they ever read their own stuff?

We deserve better



3 Responses to Better than perfect (at least in their own minds)

  1. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Brutus, The 911 call I made in 2016 at approximately 4 pm on a weekday when my husband had a heart attack left me on hold for two minutes (my phone has a timer that I checked when the operator finally came on the line). Either they count the “your call is important” message you get on hold as answering the phone or these statistics are pure BS. Or perhaps we were just in the unlucky 10%. The EMTs arrived in 8 minutes. Their numbers appear honest.


  2. Anonymous says:

    And yet there are virtually NO Police on the streets any more in El Taxo. NO proactive Police on patrol. Apparently the Mayor, City Council have them SITTING in the stations until the “911” comes in. On the MAJOR traffic accident on 22 December, out near Horizon, that CLOSED I-10 for hours, with multiple vehicles, people involved, multiple casualties. People involved, witnesses all say they called and called 911, but it was more than 30 minutes before even the FIRST Responders arrived. Could ANY LIFE have been SAVED?? It happened at approximately 2:30AM that morning. Apparently the Mayor, City Council don’t PAY Police, EMS to work “Those hours”. And yet these arrogant, useless, incapable politicians MAJOR “Concern” is dragging touristas off the highway and getting them to stop in El Taxo for something besides food and gas and then heading East, West, North. WE do deserve better than THEM.


  3. Jud Burgess says:

    it makes me wonder what other figures don’t mathematically add up when it comes to the City. They, according to city attorney Borunda-Firth make QOL bond contracts with El Pasoans that come up short on their end when they get shortfunded (code for bad quotes, estimates, additional needs like bathrooms, etc.) and then they expect us to pay the difference via issuance of certificates of obligation. We are obligated to pay without our consent. These are BREACH of CONTRACTS on the part of the City. and someone should be held accountable.


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