Double dipping on our water bills

The increases in our water bills affect not only our monthly bills but our city tax bill as well:

The increase comes to over one million dollars a year.

The city is paying it’s own water outfit more.  The taxpayers are paying for this.

In short it’s just another tax increase.

We deserve better


11 Responses to Double dipping on our water bills

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not surprising. Everything the POLITICIANS do in El Taxo is just another tax INCREASE on the PEOPLE. That is all they know, all they are capable of, the “answer” to every problem THEY face. If the only choice in the coming election is ANOTHER Democrat in any office, I will not vote. Any other CHOICE that is not a Democrat, that’s who I will vote for. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more. That’s El Taxo politicians.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Our mayor is a Republican and he has no problem increasing our taxes, despite what he claimed in his campaign…


    • Look in the Mirror says:

      That’s funny. Local Republicans always whine about El Paso Dems voting straight ticket and here we have a Republican bragging about voting for only Republicans.


      • Anonymous says:

        Well Duh ! !. I never have to be concerned in El Taxo about REPUBLICANS being elected to ANY Office. It just doesn’t happen HERE. I am TAXED by politicians who do nothing for the PEOPLE, for ME, just tax, waste, spend, tax some more and I am never REPRESENTED by any of THEM. I mean if only I would vote with the sheeple for the Democrat of “choice”, then I would be “Represented” by the tax, waste, spend, tax’M MORE crowd. We need a National News Network to come here, “Interview” people on the street. “Why do YOU vote for Democrats”?? “Weeelllllll, they create jobs, bring in business, industry, cut taxes, the schools are really good, they take care of the people here, the streets, highways are really great, they are not just in the position to take whatever they can get from us, and, and, and………..”


  2. The Oracle says:

    Just like giving someone an Unlimited Credit Card that is not the one who has to pay the bill nor is responsible FOR the bill and cannot be punished for unnecessary purchases.
    What could go wrong ?


  3. Meanwhile, let’s not forget that the cost of handling stormwater used to be carried in the regular City budget, but the City decided to keep that money for its own purposes, and pass the cost back to the Public Service Board, which, in turn, raised our water rates! Remember? I remember.


    • Anonymous says:

      Ah yes, John. “The Rain-falling-off-the-Roof” TAX. TAX the PEOPLE because it RAINS. And it was supposedly because they were going to fix El Paso so that homes, property, roads weren’t flooded, destroyed every time it rained a bit. But of course still happens every time we have that every few years flood. Always wondered if that FEE-TAX was for the retirement fund of the Water Department BOSS. But maybe it’ just always been another “Slush Fund” for the local politicians, Public Officials. Just in case THEY decided to make US pay for them a $100,000 party, 10 day drunk in Austin.


  4. Haiduc says:

    Per Nancy Pelosi (D) it is Patriotic to Pay Taxes


  5. abandon hope says:

    And we get less for our money. Recently had to contact the water company regarding an outage. No one, absolutely no one, answered the phone at customer service. No answer, no way to leave a message, no one cares.


  6. amused says:

    but the slide also says they are “delivering outstanding services”


  7. Reality Checker says:

    If you think the city water bill is high now, wait until they finish building all the water parks and swim centers that are in the works.


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