Elchuqueno.com puts it on the line

Last week Mr. Richard Wright (elchuqueno.com) announced his candidacy for the office of city representative district 8.

This is a great opportunity for the voters.

Mr. Wright has been sharing his thoughts about what is going on in El Paso and Juarez for years.

This is the equivalent of him attending many hundreds of candidate forums.  Simply read his past blog posts to learn how he thinks.

Here we have a candidate that has quite clearly gone on the record about many issues.

This is better than the normal candidate that hides behind “I believe in better government”.

This is better


2 Responses to Elchuqueno.com puts it on the line

  1. voter says:

    I have to agree. He’d make a strong representative.


  2. Voterist says:

    Rich’s a great guy, but he’s going to need a lot of money and a lot of volunteers. No word if Lizarraga will run, but I would expect a number of viable candidates to throw their hats in the ring.


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