Mesa street input for TXDOT

The Texas department of transportation is conducting a survey to get our thoughts about what they should change on Mesa street.

This link will take you to the survey.

We deserve better


8 Responses to Mesa street input for TXDOT

  1. Anonymous says:

    How about other than traffic light retiming to better accommodate construction traffic, nothing until the current construction disruptions are a very old memory. The sheer amount of long-term construction is killing businesses. People are avoiding shopping because of gridlock.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Encourage you to send that thought to TxDOT! They do say that the work will start two years out, but that’s about the moment when, in theory, the other work will be done…and just think about the complications of putting sections of Mesa underground at various intersections or in Kern Place, under the Trolley tracks, etc…


  2. Old Fart says:

    ‘Helen Marshall’ said it best: “Encourage you to send that thought to TxDOT!” And if you live on the Westside and use Mesa, go to the website Brutus posted above and take the survey. Thanks Helen.


  3. anonymous says:

    For the first survey question about short-term priorities, the choices of answers do not include simply repairing potholes and pavement.


  4. Reality Checker says:

    People refuse to walk 10 yards to a signal light crosswalk now, so what makes people think that people will walk to an overpass or underpass. Until the EPD starts issuing tickets to pedestrians, pedestrians will continue to cross when and where they want.


  5. The Oracle says:

    With Trolley-Streetcar tracks . . . I’ll keep avoiding Downtown . .thru . . . Kern Place. Toooooooooo Much congestion.
    Some cars avoid Stanton Street NOW due to the steep hill and a dead STOP at the top, turning onto Schuster street, and not enough power to get started at the top.
    Soooooooo I dont know now the Streetcar will make that steep hill.

    A lot of traffic that is NORMALLY on Stanton and Oregon will move over to Mesa . . . and Mesa is ALREADY at Maximum.
    When you drive traffic somewhere else. . . Can THAT road handle it ?
    Oh, gee, they didnt think of that !

    Same thing . . . .
    (When 1 grocery store runs out of Milk, can the next grocery store handle DOUBLE the business within an hour. Oh, that’s right . . they CAN’T).
    (Hey, they didn’t ask me . . . and I don’t EVEN get paid for it.)
    I don’t think they (City and TXDOT) spend ANY time . . . thinking . . about things. . . all the way thru . .. before they act.


  6. Old Fart says:

    Believe at one time, one of the initial street car planning idea’s, was to run this damn thing down Mesa. At the time, think some citizen spoke up and said that was a ‘real nutty idea’ because Mesa already had such heavy vehicle traffic.

    Some of the local transportation planners can come up with some ‘really nutty’ ideas. Add to that, some of these out of town wizard planners they contract with, can also come up with some ‘equally nutty shit.’ So make sure to provide your thoughts and input when there is an opportunity to give it!

    In addition, you have a couple of council members who encourage some of these nutty, costly ideas. And one is on the Westside.


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