Propositions 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

Good grief!

Putting together my mail-in vote I noticed that there was another page of ballot propositions.

Proposition 8:  Right to housing:  Should everyone in Texas have the right to affordable and accessible housing and modern utilities including high speed Internet, free from any form of discrimination?

If the issue is discrimination I would vote yes.  I don’t believe that high speed Internet is a right.

Proposition 9:  Right to vote:   Should every eligible Texan have the right to vote, made easier by automatic voter registration, the option to vote by mail, a state election holiday, and no corporate campaign influence, foreign interference, or illegal gerrymandering?

A state election holiday?–how about Saturday?  No corporate campaign influence?–they need to take this up with the supreme court.

Proposition 10:  Right to a fair criminal justice system:  Should everyone in Texas have the right to a fair criminal justice system that treats people equally and puts an end to the mass incarceration of young people of color for minor offenses?


Proposition 11:  Immigrant rights:  Should there be a just and fair comprehensive immigration reform solution that includes an earned path to citizenship for law abiding immigrants and their children, keeps families together, protects dreamers, and provides workforce solutions for businesses.

Law abiding?–which laws?

Proposition 12:  Right to fair taxation:  Should everyone in Texas have the right to a fair tax system, were all interests (business, corporations, and individuals) pay their share, so that state government meets its obligations?

Do they really mean “all”.  What obligations?

We deserve better



5 Responses to Propositions 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

  1. mamboman3 says:

    Speaking of all these propositions, do you know why the democratic ballot did not include the item on the republican ballot about our position on building the arena?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Are these all local Propositions for El Paso, Democrats ONLY to vote on?? If I see them on my Republican ballot, I am a “NO” on almost everything except #12. Any business here, coming here to El Taxo should pay any, all taxes they owe, just like the rest of us. Taxpayers are subjected to outrageous taxes that are always INCREASING. The POLITICIANS make all these deals and then it’s a GIVE AWAY deal for the business. And THEY force the homeowners, taxpayers to support the tax base. Just like the baseball field, Mayor Cook, City Manager Wilson ,City Council LIED to US about.

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  3. lol @ EP says:

    There is already a way for law abiding immigrants to achieve citizenship. The disingenuous language used by Democrats is very telling in both how deceitful they seek to be and how dumb anyone would have to be to fall for that crap. So basically, they seek to give illegal immigrants citizenship, increase taxes at will for any reason they claim on any group of people and give illegal immigrants the right to vote in Texas. Unions give more by far than corporations but I don’t see anything about union influence in elections. Unions literally get to give themselves raises every year at the expense of taxpayers, but sure, the Koch Brothers are the problem. With respect to “fair taxation”, what about the hundreds of millions who pay no taxes at all? That isn’t fair to me, it means I must pay more taxes. Everybody could pay something, and no one should get anything if they didn’t pay anything in.

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  4. Judy Maddox says:

    You do realize these are all non binding propositions If you check the republican propositions they are are all different. These are not constitutional amendments

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