I heard a radio ad the other day featuring our Texas lieutenant governor.

He said that we should empower individuals not government.

A couple of weeks ago we got an email from our westside city representative with the subject “EMPOWERING CITY GOVERNMENT& I-10 CLOSURES”.

I agree with our lieutenant governor on this one.

If I had to empower our city government it would be to get them to fix our roads and provide the basic services that we are paying them for.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Empowering

  1. Um, uh, er…Brutus? Empowering “our city government” would NOT be agreeing with the Lt. Gov., you know. I totally agree that we need our streets repaired much more than we need arenas or futbol stadia, or any of these other pie in the sky dreams. But, if you want to demonstrate your belief in the lite gov, you need to empower the citizens of El Paso against the power of the elected representatives.


  2. Anonymous says:

    They, Mayor, City Council, County Judge, Commissioners, the UNELECTED minions only “Represent” themselves and whatever THEY can take, get from US. A Society of waste and corruption. Waste, tax, spend, tax some more. El Taxo politicians.


    • anonymous says:

      same at the state level


      • Anonymous says:

        Uh no, because at least we can SEE, know, understand that we receive something from the State Government. In El Taxo WE get NOTHING. No cleans up, no streets repaired, no, little Police protection, just tax INCREASES and get NOTHING for it from the local DemoRats. And then THEY blow off a $100,000 in OUR money to treat themselves to a 10 day street party, vacation, DRUNK in Austin.


  3. anonymous says:

    Yep, you heard it in an ad. Consider how much money the State of Texas needlessly spends on advertising to promote state government programs, agendas, and egos. So much for fiscal conservatism. Much of that spending is to reward Clear Channel and Sinclair for supporting the conservative agenda that is consistent with the thinking of those who control our state government.

    If you have confidence in the State, talk to them about fixing Mesa Street, which is a state highway. The state is responsible for repairs on Mesa and has been for several years and it, too, has potholes on a regular basis. The state’s priority has been to beautify it with expensive, hard-to-maintain landscaping in the medians.


  4. Rico Suave says:

    …so go down to city hall meeting and have your timed 3 minute speech!


  5. Unhappy in District 1 says:

    BTW, Council Member Peter was on television news last night watching the first trolley being loaded for its trip to El Paso. Please, someone tell me that Peter made that trip on his own dime. If the City paid for that junket, they should explain why it was necessary for Peter to supervise (ha!) the experienced crew that loaded the trolley. If Peter paid for it, he should list it as a campaign expense.


    • Anonymous says:

      Well doubtful he would blow off his OWN money, when he can just MISAPPROPRIATE funds, like the others, take OUR money and do whatever THEY want. WE have no VOTE, no say in him, the others wasting, spending, taxing. Just like the $100,000 in TAXPAYER money they took to blow off on their 10 day drunk, street party, vacation at SXSW in Austin.


    • Enough Already says:

      Peter is quick to take full credit for the street car project. Another self-absorbed egomaniac. You can bet he did not travel on his own dime. He and the city will justify it as a legit expense.


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