Be nice

This came in the other day, I don’t know who the author is:

Often the school shooters have been found to be outcasts:  the ones excluded, neglected and bullied.  For sure none of them were the “popular” kids.  So I’ve got a suggestion for all of those students walking out of school today in protest.  How about walking right back in and befriending some of those students you leave out at recess and never sit with at lunch.  Those you laugh at and make snarky remarks about within earshot.  Wanna change the climate of your school?  Then get your asses back in there and BE NICE TO EVERYONE!

I don’t know if the idea would help with the shooting problem but it seems like a good idea in general.

We deserve better


11 Responses to Be nice

  1. I don’t care for the statement because it seems to be overlooking the main problem, which is still gunz! Instead of chastising those kids who are finally speaking up, and acting like the adults, we should be encouraging them to continue their push to finally get the adults to take some meaningful action to really end this shit. If we want kids to be nice to everyone, then we need to be nice to everyone, and that is impossible in the ‘murica of SH45!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I think it addresses the root cause of the problem: kids who feel so alienated and disengaged that they feel killing their classmates is a solution. Guns are illegal in Mexico. Chicago has the toughest gun control laws in our country. How is that working? The real issue we need to be focusing is mental health. I realize that doesn’t fit the political agenda of the folks putting the anti-gun agenda (and I’m guessing the Florida kids are getting a lot of professional community organizer help and manipulation in getting this message out), but when you listen to reports of how troubled most of these shooters are it is pretty obvious. And having a friendlier, more accepting environment in school is a good start.


  3. Tom Busch says:

    Wow Brutus. Sometimes I wish you were smarter.


  4. Be the Change You Wish to See in Others says:

    Adults should try being nice, too. Where do we think the kids are learning this mean-spiritedness? Consider some of the comments posted on this blog. Turn on talk radio and cable news. Consider some of the mean, despicable behavior inside businesses. Consider the social media bullying and name-calling by the POTUS. We should all try harder to be kind.


  5. The Raging Chihuahua says:

    lf it’s a public school (overpriced babysitters) , the kiddies might as well walk out since they’re probably not learning anything anyway. l’m sure the violence in modern day American schools has NOTHING to do with the abundance of prescription drugs that many of our youth are now dependent on. Uh oh! Little Timmy is daydreaming (also known as using the creative part of the brain) instead of finishing his 1100 page report on ” The positive environmental impact trans gendered Native Americans had in the 19th century. We better double his dosage from 2600 to 5200 milligrams of Oxyditrihpsplorophidenueroxidezinniagetonin immediately! I don’t have to wait for the “Zombie Apocalypse” to happen because l’m already living in a nation full of mindless and soulless zombies.


    • The Wizard says:

      I hear you RG. But, kids should not walk out. I hear April 20 is the planned walk out at some High Schools. I’m not sure what they are walking against or for, but I think it is for gun control. Really?!? A walk out against constitutional rights by little kids during time my taxes pay for?


  6. Helen Marshall says:

    A billboard on Mesa has this message: When push comes to shove, don’t.

    A good motto.


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