Time to get nervous

The Tuesday, April 3, 2018 city council agenda has this item on it:

Discussion and action on activating the City of El Paso Ad Hoc Charter Advisory Committee for the purpose of a City Charter Amendment Special Election to be held in November 2018.

Does anyone know what they are planning?


We deserve better


11 Responses to Time to get nervous

  1. Anonymous says:

    WHO or what is a “Charter Ad Hoc Advisory Committee”?? Do THEY represent US, themselves, the RICH elite of El Taxo?? Much like the Mayor, City Council, Commissioners. WHEN THEY are having SECRET, “Planning ANYTHING meetings”, it’s NEVER good for US. They “Planning” to fix streets, clean up the trashy city or just “Plan” to run their little new trolley toy to Dallas, San Francisco or Washington, DC??


    • Victor says:

      Each Council member appoints a person to the Charter Ad Hoc Asvisory Committee. So, don’t get your panties in a wad. The committee makes recommendations on changes to the City Charter which Council can accept or reject.

      The Ad Hoc Advisory meetings are open to the public so all of you can appoint yourselves watch dogs so that a soccer field doesn’t slip in there.

      Good grief. The conspiracy theories that you all come up with are mind boggling.


      • Anonymous says:

        I think the fact that Council never takes time to fill out the forms that are posted with this kind of an agenda item is what causes the conspiracy theories. If there was more transparency and less backroom deal doing, we’d all believe in the process. Instead there is political theater for the masses while private agendas are pursued. I love the fact that on an issue like arena location we hear we have do certain things because the voters voted for it, but when projects are overrunning the cost that was originally given to the voters we just spend whatever it takes instead of scaling back vision to the original cost shared with the voters. Meanwhile taxes go up and wild spending continues. If I had to bet on credibility, I’d pick the conspiracy theorists on this blog over our local politicians.


      • Anonymous says:

        So the City Council gets to pick “Friends Family” THEY like? Somebody who will go along, get along, whatever “Council” tells them to do. El Paso politicians, Public Officials are just one big “Society of Corruption”. They REPRESENT only themselves. US “Stupid, ignorant peons” know that. The only thing that ever changes in El Taxo, is the names of the politicians that take from OUR pockets. Lie, deny, hide, deceive. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more. And yes, THEY are just one big CONSPIRACY against US. WE can’t TRUST THEM.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Talk about absurd! The document talks about transparency, yet they offer no details as to the real purpose or subject matter. They left in all the instructional language about the info that should be included in the form, but that was left out to keep it all secret.

    It must be a change they need to make in order to push through a taxpayer-funded soccer stadium. Or maybe they want to disband the ethics commission.


    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. These people are “Planning”, okay, okay SCHEMING to LIE, DENY, DECEIVE us about something. No sure what purpose they go through the charade of appointing an “Ethics” Committee. El Taxo politicians will lie, deny, deceive, HIDE from US at every opportunity. HONOR, PRIDE, INTEGRITY, ETHICS??? Really, El Taxo politicians, Public Officials??


  3. good governance oxymoron says:

    My guess is there will not be a charter amendment that disqualifies people with past criminal records from running for office, serving on boards, or being employed by the city.

    There is a reason these people get certain supporters and it has nothing to do with second chances.

    Just guessing but there is probably a “need” to “further align” the City Charter and the taxpayer’s wallet to benefit the Borderplex Alliance.

    This is the no good they are up to today.

    The justification stated the move would “fruther align the department with the Borderplex Alliance.”

    Seriously a taxpayer funded city dept is now going to “further align” with a private group whose members only qualifications are they were able to pay something around $250K for a voting rights membership in the group.


    “The Economic and International Development Department has scheduled a work session for Monday to brief Mayor and City Council on an opportunity to move the department to the Mills Building. The potential move would further align the City’s economic development efforts with key community partners, such as the Borderplex Alliance. Staff will provide additional information related to this opportunity to Mayor and City Council at Monday’s work session.”

    Hernandez-Brown says this potential move still has to be approved by City Council. She thinks this won’t impact the city or the taxpayers.
    “I think it would be a clean wash or very nominal increase, or it would actually achieve economies of scale. I don’t think council would support it if there are an exorbitant amount of cost. Council has the full discretion to deny or approve these leases that we enter.”


    • Anonymous says:

      If the city agrees to pay for space in the Mills Building to house a department that now resides in a city building, the deal is subsidizing a Paul Foster property.


      • good governance oxymoron says:


        And worse it effectively turns over control of Economic Development to Borderplex who will influence who gets City support for incentives and how much.


        This is an incredible conflict of interest and a complete breach of public trust by this City Council.


        Not sure which is more appalling.

        1. The fact that no City Representatives objected to the move even though they have no idea how much the move or the lease would cost


        2. Jessica Herrera, the Economic Development Dept Director, had no estimate of what the move or lease would cost but she does not expect the move to cost taxpayers.

        Seriously a Department Director does not know where funding for a city department budget comes from or the relationship between budget cycle and property tax increases ????


        EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – During a special El Paso City Council meeting Monday morning, no representatives made objections to a plan moving Economic Development to the historic Anson Mills building.

        Economic Development is currently based at City Hall building 3. Officials gave a brief presentation to council about their plans for leasing at the Mills building.

        El Paso’s Director of Economic Development Jessica Herrera said …

        Herrera says they have no estimate of what the move or lease would cost. However, they don’t expect the move to cost the taxpayers anything.

        “I think in terms in just the actual cost of what we’ll be negotiating into the lease it’s something that our department could factor into our budget, especially because we’re heading into this new fiscal year,” Herrera said.


      • downtowner says:

        So…the city already is renting space in the Wells Fargo building…where you go to pay your taxes. That doesn’t bother you? You’re only concerned about Foster? There is a big difference between paying rent and paying a subsidy.


        • Anonymous says:

          Mountain Star Sports, the Foster organization run El Taxo. The politicians who are SUPPOSED to REPRESENT the PEOPLE are just his flunkies. “Yes Sir, yes Sir”. It happened with the baseball field HE wanted, that the TAXPAYERS were shafted with paying for, happens with everything.. Because the politicians all want those Campaign “Donations”. El Taxo has the best politicians , Public Officials that money can buy.


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