Population change?

The chart below comes from this report published by Texas Tech University

Elrichboy over at elchuqueno.com nailed it recently when he wrote “The Long Goodbye”.  He pointed out that people are fleeing El Paso.

The chart above is also disturbing.  It was published by The Office of the State Demographer for the State of Texas.

The state thinks that the group they labeled “anglo” will flee the fastest.

We deserve better


13 Responses to Population change?

  1. The Oracle says:

    Its been slowly happening since the 1970’s really.
    Most American Anglos do not feel comfortable when EVERYONE in a store or grocery store is speaking a foreign language.
    Many business phones are answered in Spanish.

    And all of this has converted NOWADAYS, in THIS political climate, into: “The Anglos must be Republicans” so while the Anglo’s car is here in the automotive shop, we will “loosen” a few bolts and nuts under the car.
    (Already happened, already seen it.)

    People call us and me, (for business – business reasons) and when they realize we are not speaking Spanish, they hang up.

    What “Anglo Tourists” we DO GET, are confused and never come back. ALL stores carry a Spanish Language newspaper, but rarely any English Language newspapers.

    Most everything on the internet is in English.
    That’s where I have learned more than all of the years in school and college. So, having that Spanish restriction, or great English majority available content, is a great loss of knowledge or is never imparted to those that are not speaking and understanding English as a first language.
    (Online translators are not that good yet.)


    • Anonymous says:

      What the reconquista crowd needs to realize is that when they achieve their objectives they are just going to have gotten a bunch of bankrupt cities filled with folks too poor to have moved elsewhere who expect government to take care of them.


  2. Opinions are one thing. Facts to support them would be a horse of a different color, though. In my experience, for instance when I want to sell something on Craigslist, Spanish speaking buyers go on ahead an launch into Spanish when I answer the phone in English, and assume that I will understand them (even though my ad never mentions that I am bilingual). That is certainly not a big problem for me, since I live here, and I learned a long time ago (beginning way back in “the 1970’s really”) that if I was going to live here I better learn the language.


  3. Anonymous says:

    On a recent visit to the Georgetown-Round Rock area, just North of Austin, shopping for a new home. Builder Rep told me three other families from El Paso, had been there that day. All saying the same thing. Outrageously high taxes, fees, cost of living, constant Property Evaluations, resulting in tax INCREASES… Too far from any where, nothing to do in El Paso. El Paso is a sanctuary city run by Democrats. Taxpayers, HOME OWNERS, support 70-100,000, or MORE Illegals living here. Illegals, none of the Mexicans who LIVE HERE, Register vehicles, buy car insurance. Anything THEY buy, Sales Taxes are REFUNDED to them. Few Police on the streets because the city can’t afford to pay them, fund their Retirement Fun. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more. Happiness will be El Paso in the rear view mirror.


    • Gee, Anonymous, sounds like you’ve overstayed your welcome here! Have you got any legitimate source for your claims? While I know that our tax base/rate is high, I also know that my property is worth much more in just about any other city in Texas, and I could not afford to buy a comparable home elsewhere. “Constant Property Evaluations?” Really? How often do you think property is evaluated elsewhere? What is your source for your claim that “70-100,000 MORE illegals” are living here, on our dime? Do you have any proof that all of those “illegals” are actually going through the hassle of filling out forms, and getting their sales taxes refunded to them? Do you think the only reason our Police Department is undermanned and underfunded is because of all those “illegals?” What about all the shiny toys and other crap, like a baseball stadium, no City Hall, and tax breaks for new business? Don’t you suppose that sort of thing has an impact on our City’s budget? Why haven’t you left yet?


      • Anonymous says:

        Apparently your “Shelter” wasn’t worth very much to start with or you know somebody, who knows somebody.. Over more than 26 years, my ACTUAL “Value” increased very little from the purchase price of the NEW home. The Tax “Value” by CAD and all the taxing entities, show significant increases. Every one of them has a different FABRICATED, INFLATED “Value”. On a fixed rate , 30 year V.A. loan, my house payment increased by almost $300 per month, over the 26 years. It’s useless to argue with the CAD. Their “Job” is to get as much money as they can from the “Peons” and to give tax breaks to the local ELITE, politicians big business. Disabled Vet considerations mean nothing in El Taxo, they just increase the “Value” of the home. Apparently you are such a good spokes person for El Taxo and how “good” you have it here, you don’t pay taxes like the rest of US. The Police are not on the streets because the politicians can’t afford to pay them, fund the Retirement system. Little to do with Illegals. Maybe it’s the fallacy that El Taxo is the safest city in the world? Apparently you are one that believes that taxes are higher, EVERYTHING cost more because El Taxo is such a great place to live?


        • Again, you are spouting your opinions, with no facts behind them other than your own personal anecdotal experience. I am well aware that we have too few cops (in case you haven’t noticed I am constantly railing against the dearth of traffic cops, in addition to the crappy condition of our streets). You’re the one whose post has these words: “support 70-100,000, or MORE Illegals living here. Illegals, none of the Mexicans who LIVE HERE, Register vehicles, buy car insurance. Anything THEY buy, Sales Taxes are REFUNDED to them…” All I’m doing is applying what you said.


          • Anonymous says:

            What I said about POLICE had nothing to do with ILLEGALS, but POLITICIANS. POLITICIANS who have created the El Taxo sanctuary city and don’t ALLOW the LAWS to be enforced for Registration, car insurance. $300,000, 000 in UNPAID traffic tickets, Warrants, and NOTHING is done to collect. Just easier to increase taxes, add $10 to vehicle Registration. Concentrate more on reading and comprehension.


          • Anonymous says:

            You only like Opinions” as long as the “Opinions” are what you think, believe. So you spout your version of what you want to be true, whether it is or not.. I hate arguing with ignorance.


          • just an observation says:

            If people spent less time arguing and more time checking intelligent sources, you would find that Pew Research estimates the number of undocumented immigrants in El Paso to be approximately 50,000.



    • Northeast says:

      Maybe THEY are telling you to move. Don’t let the door hit you in the a___.


  4. discouraged says:

    I have noticed that Hispanic leaders here call us a “diverse” city. We are not diverse. According to the charts, we will soon be all Hispanic. If you are Anglo, do you feel yourself being squeezed out? Will the wishes of Jose Rodriquez come true and will El Paso become a little Mexico? Nothing to do with racism and everything to do with Mexico’s failure. El Paso is rapidly importing that failure.


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