A developing story

Tragically  a local sixth grade student was struck and killed by a pickup truck Friday, April 20, 2018.

The incident occurred during a school sanctioned “walk out”.  The walk out was scheduled as a protest against gun violence on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine school shootings.

According to the school district superintendent:

 “This was an isolated group of students who breached the school’s perimeter,” De La Torre said, “We believe this was a group of about 12 to 15 students.”
He also indicated that  the school had about 10 individuals keeping an eye on students participating in a walkout to protest recent school shootings according to a KFOX14 news report.
The students reportedly wanted to go to a park and they had to cross loop 375 to get there.  Here is a picture from google maps:
We all know that people do dumb things.  What responsibility do the school administrators have here?  Are the other students culpable?
We deserve better

26 Responses to A developing story

  1. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, schools needs to get out of the community organizing business. Condoning the walkouts opened the door to this. After all the message to students is: social disobedience is okay when you want to send a message. To me the school has some blame for not keeping these kids on campus. The kid who died was 11. He should have had better adult supervision. After all, if this had happened on a weekend, someone would be throwing the book at a free range parent for failing to properly supervise their child.


  2. School Politics says:

    The school is 100% responsible for the death of this child. If the school had not allowed “participation” in this walkout the child would still be alive. Schools are not supposed to engage in politics and they are CLEARLY embracing gun control. They should have their taxing status revoked and be forced onto a voluntary system where people who agree with their politics can send their children. The politicization of all things government is scary and moves us further away from freedom. It is supposed to be illegal for government entities to choose sides politically.


  3. JerryK says:

    6th grade! They’re letting 6th grade students set school policy!

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  4. Anonymous says:

    The key word here seems to be “School sanctioned walk out”. Why would the school get INVOLVED in a student PROTEST?. They just get up, walk out. Schools are SUPPOSED to EDUCATE, not do political INDOCTRINATIONS. If it was a Memorial and not an “Anti-gun protest, then the students should have been INSIDE the school, a “Moment of Silence”, student Art displays?? Was the school “Sanctioned PLAN”, for the students to just walk around school grounds, around the school on side walks? Did PARENTS give PERMISSION for students to be OUTSIDE the school area?? Was the one just doing his “own thing”??


  5. Anonymous says:

    Each of the students who left are responsible and there should be stern, but measured consequences. No more participation trophies! For one student, the punishment was a tragic loss of life. The others must be made to understand what happened, otherwise it could be worse the next time. Serious thought must go into whatever repercussions are doled out. This was too big a price to pay for a youthful indiscretion!


  6. ripper1951 says:

    The fact that a child died bothers me. The so-called “walk out” was OK’d by the school administration- that bothers me. The excuse that they wanted to go to a park- bothers me. It seems that perhaps they wanted to cross 375 to see what was going on at Parkland High School, not go to a park. The fact that there is an overpass, with traffic light at Bomarc for them to safely cross under 375 to reach the other side really bothers me as it wasn’t used. Various rumors hold that the students were actually going to stop traffic on 375 because they had seen it done elsewhere on TV- that really bothers me. Schools receive support to educate children in areas other than academics, and safety is a big one. Methinks the administration and involved teachers need to go. If the district administration OK’d the activity, they also need to go. And charges of child endangerment, and manslaughter need to be levied against those directly involved in the decision and supposed supervision. Then maybe schools will get back to educating instead of indoctrinating.


    • Anonymous says:

      You got it all right. Some things I missed. Was it just an Anti-gun PROTEST, SUPPORTED by the Administration, NOT a Memorial for the lost students? Seems that the Districts, School Boards, Administrators in El Paso County just do whatever they want. Not WASTING taxpayer money and actually allowing Teachers to teach, is way down the list. Politics, protests, who PAYS??


    • Anonymous says:

      Stop traffic? Even more of a reason that participants be severely punished, as a child died because of their recklessness. It would send a message to other students who thought about it, but hesitated and failed to participate, showing them that their hesitation was, in fact, the correct choice!


  7. Anonymous says:

    11 year olds do not have an in depth understanding of political issues
    and for the most part will believe anything their teachers tell them. Isn’t it about time the parents get involved and stop allowing the Teachers Union to indoctrinate our children into their far left belief system?


  8. Idiot Alert says:

    Jaywalking and not using existing crosswalks is a major problem in El Paso, but EPPD refuses to enforce the law even when pedestrians cross on red lights and jaywalk on busy streets like Mesa in full view of officers. It is a problem with people of all ages and what really pisses me off is when I see parents dragging toddlers or pushing strollers across the street when there is a crosswalk with light 20 yards away.


  9. good governance oxymoron says:

    Imo these type of protests are irresponsible at all levels because they fail to identify much less address the problem in any meaningful way, especially for students.

    Would seem more productive for the students to spend the day immersed in facilitated discussion panels and workshops on identifying and addressing issues that actually drive people to gun violence, like the abysmal failure to properly fund the mental health care system, poverty and oppression, indoctrination to violence and self-harm through the internet and social media etc.

    Maybe it would be more beneficial if the school districts coordinate and implement county wide monthly facilitated civic engagement days for the students.


    • JerryK says:

      Don’t forget the psychotropic drugs these kids are on. Look at every one of the shooters and note the zombie gaze on their face.


  10. al bundy says:

    Legally, the school is responsible. If the student managed to leave campus and get killed or injured, campus staff are liable. His family can definitely sue.

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  11. walter white says:

    Hope the fam gets a heavy hitting firm and sues them so bad no new schools can be built. Taxpayers were ripped off and should not foot this bill. 6th graders are not ready for this indoctrination. ..50 milloon isnt enough. This kid was a RHODE scholar


  12. So much stupid surrounds this tragic event, and the comments written here! Folks, a kid died! Why does someone always have to be blamed for something like this?! What good does it do anyone to point fingers at anyone?! Anything you all do, or want to do, at this point is too damn late! So, instead, maybe we should all focus on learning from this, and encourage those in positions of authority, and parents, and everyone who might be involved, to do better. Get over yourselves! We – none of us – were there. We do not know what, why, how, and y’all are just spinning your wheels.


    • Anonymous says:

      So yes, a kid died and the parents will live with that forever. Have been there, still there after 15 months. The hurt never goes away. The school “Officials Sanctioned”, approved, encouraged an anti-gun protest, marching OUTSIDE the school grounds. Now that is the “Stupid”. These “Officials” not RESPONSIBLE for making LOGICAL, SAFE, INTELLIGENT” decisions?? “Just go along, get along with the students”, the11-13 year olds?? Did the “Officials” know what “Plan” they APPROVED?? Did they “Approve” one “Plan” with specified LIMITS and the student(S) decided “Nope, we not listening to them”. IF it had just been a Memorial for students killed at schools, then it should have been inside the school. A “Moment of silence”, a Prayer, a student Art project. Was the STUDENT “Plan” to block that highway? WHO decided it should be an “Anti-gun” protest, the 11-13 year olds, school officials?? Somebody made a bad decision. Somebody bears some RESPONSIBIITY. A kid died that day. How do his parents, family, his young friends, “just move on, get over it”, as you say??


      • Do you really believe that a blind push for blame elsewhere is going to bring closure to those who have suffered from this kind of loss?! I did not say anything about that kid’s parents having to “just move on, get over it,” and I resent your trying to put those word in my mouth! My remark about “getting over yourselves” was addressed to the people who have made comments here, not to families or even school personnel. It would sure be nice if you were to make an effort to read and comprehend what I say, without trying to put your own spin on my words, you know?


  13. The Raging Chihuahua says:

    The kid was a RHODE scholar. Yeah, that’s pretty clever. The answer is obvious – have a 15 day waiting period on all walkouts and perhaps background checks on children who wish to purchase sneakers. Now l’ll be more serious by saying that l doubt that we’ll see any walkouts because school administrators feel ashamed that American schools pretty much receive more money than any other nation while only having mediocre results. l realize that 11 year olds can be pretty foolish, in fact l have a small scar on my face because at 11, l learned the hard way that l wasn’t going to become the next Evel Knievel. Having said that l’m going to side with the school and here’s why: Let’s say that you have your brother babysit your kid for a few hours and you explain to your child that he’s not allowed to ride his bicycle past a 5 block radius and that he is not to go anywhere near the highway. While your away, your son asks his uncle if he can ride his bike and your brother repeats the same thing that you’ve said. Well, you know where l’m going with this, so do you sue your brother? l’m guessing that most of you would say no because your brother isn’t some faceless stranger and he doesn’t have millions of dollars. Even though we were all pretty foolish at that age, l believe that we had enough sense not to walk into heavy traffic. Of course after reading all of my e-babbling you probably have the urge to walk into traffic right about now. Finally, not only do l feel sad for the parents but do you know who else l feel sad for? The person who hit that boy. Every time that person drives anywhere (job, grocery store, movie theater, etc…) they’re going to have that terrible image in their mind, possible forever.


    • Anonymous says:

      The bottom line is schools, particularly elementary schools, are expected to keep kids safe and supervised during school hours. This school chose to let students out of class for a walkout and failed to provide adequate supervision to prevent kids from leaving school grounds. I’m generally not a fan of lawsuits but I also hope the family sues the school so school administrators will stop agreeing to let their student bodies become poster children for whatever headline grabbing initiative liberals want to promote ahead of a big election. (And sorry, libs, when was the last time you saw a school walkout focused on a conservative issue)? We are getting local news coverage on this, but where is the national news coverage? A child was killed because of poor planning during an anti-gun rally related to Columbine held at school. That’s newsworthy but not covered because it runs contrary to the anti-gun equals school safety agenda. Kids should be in class learning. Social activism should done on their own time.


  14. WTF says:



  15. Idontdeservebetter says:

    My understanding is that Senator Rodriguez was contacting districts and “encouraging” them to allow students to walk out and use it as a political statement for his agenda and even asked to be part of it. Maybe politicians shouldn’t use kids to further their agendas. Where is the good senator now?


  16. good governance oxymoron says:

    Does anyone know if a district or middle school’s administration can legally prevent a student walkout and require students to stay in class as scheduled?

    I am asking in reference to the 2 story links below.

    YISD superintendent De La Torre maintains that the walkout was not endorsed or promoted by the district or school.

    Yet the district’s actions allowed and facilitated the walkout by designating the football field, allowing the kids to walkout, and adding extra staff to supervise.

    In light of the preparations it seems the district implicitly endorsed the walkout and has at least partial if not full accountability.

    De La Torre’s statement seems like a weaselly excuse at best.


    In the EPT story YISD superintendent De La Torre stated “I think what’s being irresponsibly promoted is the idea that this district and Parkland Middle School endorsed or promoted a walkout. Nothing could be further from the truth.”


    However in the KVIA story it was reported that:

    District officials had anticipated the walkout and tried to be proactive allowing the kids to walk out and assemble on the football field.

    Administration added extra staff to cover the event and security stood by at the front and back of the school but a group of 12 to 15 kids left the campus.



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