Neighborhood disruption

Our thanks to Helen Marshall for this:

Have you driven around Kern Place lately ??  The City’s Robinson Avenue works have now consumed one year and nine months and there is no sign they won’t get to start year three…about three-quarters of the trees planted along this stretch appear to be dead…They forgot to put an entry ramp on the bike and pedestrian path coming from the roundabout at Piedmont…Phase Two, Piedmont to Ochoa, will get underway later this year!
Meantime, Robinson, Madeline, Cincinnati and Baltimore are all undergoing works by EP Water, and have been closed to thru traffic from Piedmont for weeks!!!
And EP Water is undertaking major work on the water tank above Canyon Terrace, projected to last until summer 2019, with occasional drops in water pressure or loss of supply entirely to homes at that end of Robinson.
Do folks in these agencies ever talk to each other when they plan their schedules???
We deserve better

5 Responses to Neighborhood disruption

  1. Anonymous says:

    Typical El Paso. The “City Planners” here couldn’t “Plan” a kids birthday party and get the balloons blown up. Everything is torn up, under construction at the SAME time. Businesses broke, bankrupt. The city is in GRID LOCK. You can’t get there from here, you can’t go there at all. Trucks, COMMERCE can’t “Roll”. The Interstate is blocked, bumper to bumper, 18-20 hours day and night. And their are virtually no Police on the highways, streets to assist in anything. The city can’t AFFORD to PAY them. MILLIONS$$$ have been WASTED on splash puddles, the baseball field, bicycle lanes, high-dollar Bonds, “Certificates of Obligation”, HIGH-Dollar School Superintendents and supporting their “Life-style”.. But the “Budget” can’t AFFORD Police. 4 BILLION$$$$ in debt and no way to pay it, EXCEPT to keep INCREASING the “Value” of OUR homes, always followed by MORE tax INCREASES. WHO is IN CHARGE here?????

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  2. Tom Busch says:

    There’s nothing more absurd than Stanton street right now.


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