Displaying the American flag

I enjoyed driving through neighborhoods on Memorial Day and seeing the American flags.

The Kiwanis Clubs of El Paso Foundation is responsible for placing several hundred of them each Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day.

They partner with local scout troops and youth groups, giving most of the money to them and thus helping them both to instill a sense of responsibility in the kids and to raise money for their organization.

The Kiwanis have a web page that explains the program:  http://elpasokiwanisflags.org/index.html

We wrote about them back in 2015 in this post.  Since then Mr. Hendrix has done a great job of expanding the program.

This is better


4 Responses to Displaying the American flag

  1. The Oracle says:

    Somewhere I read, during the last 4-5 years, (during Obama) and the “Great Divide” between the Left and Right, that cities and counties where the majority are Lefty-Dems, that US Flag sales and everything patriotic, T-shirts, red white and blue caps, banners, etc. (population -vs- population) are less than HALF the sales than in those cities and counties that the majority are Rep.-Right.

    I can see, in EL Paso, that when you drive around, you don’t see many flags and very few people with patriotic T-shirts, especially during 4th of July, Memorial Day, etc.
    When I travel to other areas like Dallas and Houston, MANY on each block have flags out.
    Right after 9-11, many had flags out and on their cars, but it still did not compare, at the same time, to the MASS VOLUMES that had flags in Dallas and Houston. Many many many times more flags.

    Thank you Kiwanis for the Flag work that you do !
    And the Scouts that help put them up !


  2. Anonymous says:

    For some reason don’t see the Flags out as much in El Paso, as other cities. My flag is out everyday, night. At night it is lit during the hours of darkness by a solar light. During storms, very high winds, I bring it inside. I started leaving it out at night when my Son was in Iraq. I knew that he was not safely inside at night. Now he is a Texas Deputy and the same is true. Vietnam Vet.


  3. When Will We Ever Learn? says:

    Leave it to someone here to turn a positive post into an argument about partisanship and a statement of divisiveness, based on an unsubstantiated, unattributed claim.


    • Chico says:

      Good to hear from you Deputy Dawg.

      You’re the king of unsubstantiated claims. Don’t let others challenge your title.


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