Pay raises for city council

Our city council is planning to call for a special election on Tuesday, November 8, 2018 asking if the voters want to give city council and the mayor pay raises as follows:

For council members the pay would increase to $45,300 per year from the current rate of $29,000.  That comes to about a 56% increase if my math is correct.

If approved the pay rates would also be indexed so that they would not have to trouble us in the future.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Pay raises for city council

  1. Anonymous says:

    A pay raise, yes. Whenever THEY stop acting, believing that THEY are ROYALTY running the town of El Taxo. When THEY stop wasting, taxing, spending, taxing MORE. When THEY actually WORK for the PEOPLE and get OUR yes, no, don’t do it, when THEY have stupid ideas, decisions to make. The recent TIRZ vote without ANY input from citizens, US, is just one example of the arrogance, idiocy of these people. When THEY cut OUR taxes, do something, anything for US, give US a PAY RAISE, then yes, I will vote for THEM a pay increase. Until then, it just continues to be THEM against US.


  2. Anonymous says:

    No. It won’t give us better candidates. It will simply give the candidates backed by the downtown REIT and construction companies a higher salary at taxpayer expense. And because of the indexing they will no longer have to ask the taxpayers for a raise. The political class in El Paso gets adequately compensated because once they get in the club, they either progress to higher positions, get government jobs, or have donors giving their private business additional busines. Name one politician in our community who is poor or unemployed.


  3. curious says:

    Holding an election has costs. Are they going to pay for the costs of the election out of their raises?


  4. anonymous says:

    Our minimum wage has also been stagnant for years, but city council isn’t the least bit concerned about raising the pay of minimum wage workers in El Paso. Las Cruces cared and did something about it.


  5. Remember when civic duty drove people to seek public office, rather than thoughts of monetary gain? And, low pay for the elective positions was justified by the fact that serving on City Council, etc., was not a full time job? And, those elected office holders were not only accessible to their electorate, but responsive? Maybe our present Council needs a refresher. What abou’ dat?!


  6. Rico Suave says:

    Ok so if we pay our CC more $ they might be less susceptible to Mordida…I mean campaign contributions… Nevermind 😦


  7. dontsendurkidstoEPISD says:

    Raise teacher pay equally!


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