Arena battle still going on

This came in from Max Grossman:

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Rome, where I spend summers for work.

As you may have heard, the El Paso Times and other media are reporting that the City of El Paso is attempting to dismiss one of my three lawuits–this one in the 2nd Court of Appeals in Fort Worth. These reports have generated a great deal of confusion, including within the City itself. Let me be clear. The lawsuit has not been dismissed and we are still in full litigation mode in that court and have no expectation of any change in the status quo at this time. I will have more to say about this in the next several days. At the moment I need to go and enjoy a glass of wine.

Buon giorno a tutti!

One Response to Arena battle still going on

  1. Anonymous says:

    Got to be a great job, getting to be in Italy. I think I like Sicily a bit better. The people seem friendlier, less “busy”. They, unlike most of Europe, remember Americans from WWII and what we did for them. Especially the elderly on the streets. The PEOPLE of El Paso don’t want or NEED this Arena. It’s the POLITICIANS, Public Officials who have apparently made “Deals” with “Friends, family” Contractors and the POLITICIANS will lose MILLIONS$$$ in Campaign “Donations” if they don’t make these “Deals”. So THEY will push their “Deal” on the people of El Taxo. This has nothing to do with the PEOPLE and what’s best for US. And just like the baseball field THEY forced on US. An Arena would be MILLIONS$$$ more than THEY tell US, years past completion dates and like THEIR ball field, a FOREVER debt for TAXPAYERS. THEY lie, deny, deceive the PEOPLE of El Taxo. Nothing ever changes here..


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