County hospital getting well?

Word on the street is that the new administrator at our county hospital is cutting unnecessary jobs and managing working schedules to match patient loads.

We’ve even heard that the children’s hospital may go into the black soon.

That seems strange but if the new bosses are fixing the unfair contracts it is conceivable.

This is better


3 Responses to County hospital getting well?

  1. American Imperialist says:

    It actually isn’t possible for any taxing entity to be “in the black” unless they stop taxing or return monies to the taxpaying public. To imply profitability is a mischaracterization. Taxing entities can be less wasteful, but as long as they get tax dollars they are not a profitmaking entity. Besides, taxpayers cannot go there and receive any value whatsoever for their tax dollars. The county hospital system, which includes the children’s hospital, isn’t even the cheapest medical alternative in this area. I question the purpose and subsidization of any taxing entitity that doesn’t provide a benefit to the taxpayers.


    • JerryK says:

      You are correct and there is actually a reverse incentive to spend your full budget, needed or not – in the next budget cycle you risk having it cut to reflect the previous year surplus. The are only two solutions to contain government spending and they are diligent elected officials and fiscal restraint, i.e., keep your government in perpetual semi-starvation mode.

      Money works harder in private hands.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The FREEBEE County Hospital is just like EPISD. They will just find another excuse, project, reason to INCREASE taxes. Like many other El Pasoans with INSURANCE and NO kids in schools. WASTE way too much money on the hospital, EPISD with NO BENEFIT from THEM. Just have to support the “Life-style” of the “Rich and Famous” Cabrera at EPISD It’s like driving past a restaurant and being charged for food.


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