Extra capacity?

We have been told that the rationale for closing ten EPISD elementary schools is that they are not being used to capacity.

In the case of Rivera elementary we have been told that the school is operating at 51 percent of capacity.

Why then does Rivera have six portable classrooms?  Isn’t there enough room in the permanent classrooms for the children?  Or is it possible that the six portables have been used to add “capacity”?

According to the Times the other schools are Moye, Beall, Bonham, Rusk, Alta Vista, Hawkins, Johnson, and Roberts.

If any of our readers pass by these schools we would appreciate hearing from them as to how many portables (if any) the schools have.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Extra capacity?

  1. Mike Schwartz says:

    According to a couple of principals at those schools, the portables may be used for classrooms with too much damage to be safe for occupation. Damage also means they were falling apart, AC and heating not working, electrical problems and so on.
    In many cases, the portables were brought in years ago when the schools were at capacity and just never removed. Schools use them for storage, offices, classes that are considered BIC, and so on.


  2. good governance oxymoron says:

    Bonham 12, Johnson 6, Roberts 8, the rest have 0

    Moye 0 portables

    Beall 0 portables

    Bonham 12 portables

    Rusk 0 portables

    Alta Vista 0 portables

    Hawkins 0 portables

    Johnson 6 portables

    Roberts 8 portables


  3. Carl Encargado says:

    Considering there is one company in EP that moves portables and they charge an absurd amount to move a portable, good for EPISD for not wasting tax dollars by moving the portables they do not need to move. It is better to let them sit where not needed.


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