El Paso Water Utilities

Our water utility published this chart as part of their 2018 comprehensive annual financial report:

According to the chart El Paso has the lowest water rates of the ten largest cities in Texas.

This is better


7 Responses to El Paso Water Utilities

  1. BS BILL says:

    not when you add the Stormwater bill which was not really needed except for needed projects. They could have subbed out projects local and got these ponding areas done. Instead, you have a bill that does nothing but help support our water bill portion. They have employees at the Storm Utility that come by and ask do you have a storm water evacuation plan. We live in a desert and every 100 years we get a flood because we have never put in proper drainage to the river. Once proper drainage is done then the storm water bill should go, but it wont because they need it to help out the water side of it. Remember this was a Wilson project along with the Ball Park. Remember Maria Teran voting for it ? Remember her quitting the Board and then guess where the Stormwater Utility bought there equipment. I think i see Volvo equipment and the PSB never had it before the Stormwater was established if im not mistaken.

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  2. Rico Suave says:

    Hooray El Paso is number 1…at something.


  3. May says:

    Interesting….but you cannot compare our water rates with those of Houston, Austin, etc. They can have outdoor spaces (lawns, trees, flowers) without much additional water. So although our RATE is less, our overall BILLS are higher.

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  4. The Oracle says:

    Maybe some cities INCLUDE garbage pickup (and other things) in their water bill, and some do not. Or they dont separate it from the water portion. Some may give discounts to seniors.
    They are all different.
    Too many variables to compare.


  5. walter white says:

    so that’s proof to raise rates. woodys pipeline from Valentine Texas is nearly to the East Montana station.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Minor detail. Based on the volume measured in the graph, this only looks at the first (lowest) tier of pricing. Water utilities that don’t use tiers would be lower. Average bills in areas where residents use wellwater for sprinklers or don’t have swamp coolers would also be lower. The only way to truly measure water cost against other districts would be to base the calculation on average bills for a specific family size in a specific house size. That would give a better perspective of the differences.


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