Elephant Butte water levels

According to waterdatafortexas.org on July 15, 2018 the Elephant Butte reservoir was at 8.9 percent full.

One year ago on July 15, 2017 they reported the reservoir to be at 20.5 percent full.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Elephant Butte water levels

  1. The Oracle says:

    Lack of snow run off and lack of rain.
    That’s why, every chance I get I have recommended a National Water Pipeline from east coast to west coast redistributing water from areas that have too much rain and snow melt run off . . .to areas that do not have enough water, refilling or adding to natural water ways and rivers, that ultimately add to dams and other storage systems.
    East-West National Water Pipeline.
    They do it for oil, so why not water ?

    Yes, the nation is getting warmer and there is less rainfall and snow in certain areas.


    • Now, this is something I can agree with, Oracle person! If they can build pipelines to move oil and gasoline great distances, then they should certainly be able to build a much safer water line to ease the flooding of the midwest and the east, and to aid dry areas like ours.


  2. Wake Up America says:

    “We deserve better.”
    As in we deserve more snow in the Rocky Mountains during winter to melt in spring runoff into the Rio Grande?
    As in we deserve better more rain?
    Or as in we deserve politicians that take climate change serioulsy and are willing to do something about it?


  3. insanity says:

    But El Paso’s local government keeps encouraging and subsidizing sprawling, development in the middle of the desert. When the water runs out, those developers will be living in the homes they own elsewhere.


  4. The Oracle says:

    Is there a water pipeline to bring water from the Gulf of Mexico up here to a desalination water plant ?
    This El Paso sprawl is probably REALLY using up the water faster than can be replaced in the underground bolsons.


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