The city parks are green

I took a Sunday drive the other day and ended up passing several city parks.

To my surprise the grass in each of them was noticeably greener and healthier than I ever remember it being in any city park.

Something has changed over at parks and recreation.

This helps with quality of life.

This is better


5 Responses to The city parks are green

  1. Doppler Dave says:

    Rain tends to do that.


  2. Yeah, I think Doppler Dave’s got your answer. Don’t be so hasty to credit any City department in the wake of natural events.


  3. Anonymous says:

    And to think……people comment that you never have anything good to say!


  4. How rain works says:

    It’s amazing what those water particles from the sky can do. It happens every July in El Paso Brutus. It’s a miracle.


  5. How Dare Them says:

    It’s just like those city government employees to take credit for someone else’s work and in this case, God’s work.


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