Brand new bumpy roads

Most of us understand that our city roads are in horrible shape because our current and past elected officials have  not funded their maintenance.

Even before the roads age and start to deteriorate they are bumpy.

Brand new streets cause our cars to jump around like ping pong balls because the city does not require the contractors to provide smooth pavement.

This is a problem that could be fixed right now if the city wanted to.

Maybe we should require that each newly paved area have signs at both the beginning and end telling us who the contractor was.

We deserve better


17 Responses to Brand new bumpy roads

  1. Interesting observation, and one that I believe I myself have noticed. Some of the – rare – areas where paving has been done over the past few years start out uneven, and seem to deteriorate quicker than I remember streets falling apart many years ago.


  2. Anonymous says:

    They “repaired” some streets up Northeast. NOT pot holes, just poured tar all over the streets, looks like “Cross word” puzzles. And no they never replace lane markings, street striping. This “Tar job” was just wasted effort, MONEY. Driving the streets is bad enough with the traffic out of control. Drivers with No license, NO insurance and few to NO Police on the streets to “Enforce” anything. Apparently .street “Repair” is done by “Friends & Family Construction” companies, Politicians, Public Officials. They hire “Uncle Joe with a pickup, a shovel, wheel borrow, couple bags of cement”. They don’t know how to take the “Bumps” out. Just has to look like the “City” is doing SOMETHING. Other than all the “Stuff” the Mayor, Silly Council, City “Manager” WANTS to “Impress somebody”, WHERE or to WHO does all OUR money go?????? Follow the MONEY.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Local politicians spend money intended for streets on debt service to hide the fact that they have been seriously overspending for longer than just the last decade. Politicians are the worst thing to happen to any society. If you want better roads you will have to leave El Paso and find somewhere that hasn’t already spent themselves into oblivion. The so called quality of life bond election included $100 million in street repairs and how did that work out? I drove about 110 miles yesterday going from the far East side to the far West side, and every mile of it was on roads bad enough for me to notice their poor condition.

    El Paso is doomed financially. Bankruptcy is the future and has been brought to you by Escobar, Cook, Ortega, Byrd et al. Thank your representative for high taxes with no benefit while they spend ever more money on children’s museums and allowing real estate developers to keep tax dollars in the many and increasing TIRZ zones and MUD districts.

    How much will your house be worth the day after the City of El Paso files bankruptcy? And your taxes will not decrease any at all…you will literally be renting your own home from the city for the rest of your life, and you will get very little in return.


  4. Helen Marshall says:

    I tried to get the candidates for District One to discuss this at the last election. No takers. How much per mile does Albuquerque spend on its streets compared to El Paso? There is no street in Albuquerque anywhere near as bad as just about all the streets in El Paso, and the climate is similar. Incompetence or corruption?


  5. Justathot says:

    Resler is like a roller coaster. Can i sue for new motor mounts for a super duty?


  6. Rico Suave says:

    I am sure the new street cars are smooth rides with few riders….


    • Anonymous says:

      But, but Rico, the POLITICIANS got to make El Taxo look like San Francisco, New York City. Why you think we, okay THEY are getting trolleys, MULTI-MILLION$$$$ lights DOWNTOWN, MULTI-MILLION$$$ museums, play grounds, base ball fields, soccer fields, Arenas, Mountain Star Sports combine, etc,ec. You think touristas going to drive all the way from Dallas, Phoenix, Austin, San Francisco, Shreveport, Little Rock, Atlanta, Muleshoe, Lubbock to see a boarded up, closed up downtown with side walk sales, counterfeit football shirts, bums, homeless on every intersection, corner?? THEY are why WE have inflated, fabricated Property “Values” and the HIGHEST TAXES in the State, many other States, cities. THEY are why the ONLY jobs here are McDonalds, Walmart, rock walls. THEY are why El Paso is just a gas stop, a motel over night, lunch, on the way to some where else, East West, North. And yet THEY can’t WON’T pay to put Police on the streets, repair, clean up the city. Just another Democrat run city in ruin.


      • Rico Suave says:

        Dear A,


      • Not So Quick says:

        You had me until you blamed it all on the Democrats. Margo, Hunt, Foster, Houghton and most of the other real power players in El Paso, the people who are benefitting most from all the spending, are Republicans. Some of their puppets are Dems, but most of the shots are being called by red team. So, there is plenty of shared blame on the part of people of both political persuasions. A big part of the problem is that people are unwilling to admit that we’re being screwed by people in both parties.


        • Charles R. Dickerson says:

          And you could be right, NSQ.  Here they SAY whatever gets them elected.  I thought that the guy that ran against Margo was a Republican.  David Saucedo.  And I thought that he was a much better choice than Margo.  Margo is a CAREER politician.  That’s his “Job” that is ALL he knows.  I didn’t know that he was a  Republican and still don’t.  Think he is just another one  that just HIDES whatever he is, one way or the other.  Because NO person that actually says they ARE Republican is ever going to get elected to anything in El Paso.   Lie, hide, deceive.


      • JerryK says:

        If they brought back the whores and the bullfights in Juarez, it might bring in some tourism off I-10. I just can’t believe that El Paso was ever a tourist destination unless it was for Juarez and its main attractions (see above).

        I know it had manufacturing once and still has some, but tourist? Show me.


        • old golfer says:

          playing Golf at Campestre was wonderful. Caddy to carry your clubs and one to get get everyone a beer. Great course and you felt like you were on the Tour. Now Dean the ex-Campestre pro runs Coronado CC and many of the Mexicans from campestre live here and play there. They moved here for a reason. Because of how dangerous Juarez has become since 2008. Juarez is no tourist destination anymore, therefore, we arent either.


          • JerryK says:

            I think it was locals, not tourists who played Campestre (I did once in 2001). My point being is that people who travel for golf are going to Troon or Pebble, not Juarez.


          • old golfer says:

            Jerry, i actually remember visitors coming to the Gold Tournament from out of town. New Mexico, Amarillo and Lubbock mainly, but i remember that because they would play with me and the whole group would ask me to go out with them because i could translate. We went everywhere, Chihuahua Charlies, Maxfim’s, then cross the street to the Bull fights or head to Juarez Avenue, hit the bars, and then a few would ask to be taken to the “Panama Dolls” bar if you can remember that place. It reminded me of all the out of towners that came to the Vista Hills,Horizon, and CCC member guest.


  7. Fed Up says:

    Why does anyone want to waste money on a new car in El Paso. It’s just going to get destroyed by our streets? There is no incentive to own a nice car in El Paso. Save money and frustration; buy a junker.


  8. Tom Busch says:

    Anonymous. I respect your desire to hide your identity. I’m sure it gives you the freedom to express your unfettered view. I recently joined Alcoholics Anonymous. I didn’t stop drinking but I changed my name.


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